YYF 888, YYF DNA VS. YYF 888.11 Help! Anyone who uses any of these


I have an 888 and a couple other yo-yos and found that the 888 my favorite. Im looking for another yoyo that is similar to the 888 so i was thinking of the DNA or the 888.11. Could anybody please give me some hints on where i should lead if you have used any of these Yoyos.


I honestly haven’t used either of those but I can say after using and owning a metric ton of yoyos that the yyf skyline has been the one to me that really has that small tight wide smooth fast feeling of an 888. Hope that helps!


Get the DNA… Or just move away from classic round butterfly designs and try maybe a genesis or supernova. V and H shapes with a low wall around the response area are the new hotness and give a much superior play than old 888 shapes and designs. Hell I’d bet you’d even love the new yoyo factory g funk model that came out, take a look here http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/753/YYF-G-Funk---Champions-Collection, it’s undersized like an 888 but probably plays way way better, just because its a new design and h shaped. I own a genesis and it’s still one of my all time favorite designs and plays amazing. Hope this helps.