which yo?

i know this forum is full of people asking which yoyo yo get, sadly im not gunna be an exception to this lol!
im doing my first paid photography job next week so when i get the money through for that im gunna be shopping for a new yo lol! (you cant blame me haha) and seeing as if never played any YYF yoyo i was wondering which one to get! im not really bothered about size (eg full size of smaller etc) but i would like hubstacks as iv never played them before, and i love grinding so it gotta be good at that! lol i was thinking either the DNA or the 888! (iv got a thing for metal yos! lol) as i said if never even held a YYF yo so im wondering which to get! or any other suggestions!
cheers oli

Oooh a lot of different choices here. I believe both the DNA and the 888 is beadblasted, so you will have a good grinding surface. They both have hubstacks too (which most YYF metals have). You can also look into the SuperStar. The newer SuperStars are beadblasted so you will have a good grinding surface. I think that in the end, any YYF metal (except the Dv888) will work out fine.

Addment: I just have to say this… it comes down to shape and size.


It’s all about what you like the best. I usually go to yoyguy.com to compare the yoyo I want to one that I already have. These two yoyos are really good i’ve read good reviews over them, but I do hear of people taking the hubstacks off a lot.

When I want to buy a new yoyo I read reviews like crazy :P. If your going to get a 888 or DNA it would depend on size and color. The 888 is small (about 5 cm) and the DNA is a normal yoyo sized version of the 888. Also you can get splash color or blue and orange colors on the 888 but on the DNA I think you can only get pink now.

That is no true. The new mutant Dna is soon coming out…It is a splashed colored dna…Also if you like normal size go with Dna if you want undersized go with 888.

if you like the DM’s feel GO FOR THE DNA!!!
almost exacly the same in size
or if you want to try a new fell get the 888
they are both great,but me,I prefer playing a DNA

im not sure what size i want! i love my DM cis its pretty big and iv got big hands, however i love my L3 n that smaller! ah! choices! i think il opt for the DNA but then i again iv seen the hicoo virus! that looks sweet! i mean just look at it! http://www.euro-yo.com/acatalog/Virus.html
then you have the skyline also looks sweet! or a metal GM or a PGM for that matter! ARRGGHHH!! hard choices ahead!

it depends on how big your hands are the DNA is basicaly a big 888 so its personal preference mostly

888 is great! (i know these 2 are not in your choices but you might like the superstar and the dv888) ::slight_smile:

well ask yourself this,“what do I like more,mt DM or my L3”.If you like the L3, go for the 888,if you like the DM,get the DNA

How do you get a L3 from the US?

I don’t think he did. And I belive that you can buy them from yoyoz.co.uk. They are supposed to ship internationally.

you can get them from yoyoz.co.uk but they are currently sold out, i have been keeping a close eye on them. however you can get the virus for about £5 more

yeah i got it from yoyoz.co.uk! and yeah they are sold out! lol i was luck yo get one! give they guy who runs it a quick email! hes really helpful! he emailed me when they had them in stock coz i was interested in one!

thats hard to say! i love my DM its solid and heavy! but my L3 is so nimble! hmm hard choices!
i like a heavy yo! il look at weights as well! when making my choice! iv got like 2 weeks to decide! so, no rush! lol