Which is better the DNA or the 888?

I’m am looking to get a yoyo with hubstacks so if you have any recommendations I would love them.

What are you’re preferences for yoyos?

This is a major factor in getting a yoyo.

There is no better yoyo, only better for you.

I want a long sleeping yoyo good for string tricks and thumb grinds

That’s both of them.

DNA is large and lightweight

888x is small and heavy

Now you pick

The biggest difference between the 888 and DNA is that the DNA is full sized, and the 888 is undersized. The 888 is lighter, and the DNA is heavier, thus, more stable. I tend to like full sized yoyos more, and the current version of the 888 is kinda poopy (not only my opinion, but others as well) compared to previous versions. Just some stuff to think about.

But to REALLY help you, we need your preferences. For example- skill level, size, weight, etc.

Well when it comes the the Dna and 888. Both have a similar shape, but very different feel (involving weight) and size. The biggest difference is the size, DNA being oversized and the 888 being undersized. The second difference is that the DNA has a floaty feel compared to the 888 which is more fulfilling. I have the DNA and can say its a really nice throw. I don’t have an 888 but have heard good things on it

So think:
Oversized vs Undersized
Floaty feel vs “Hefty” feel

Hope this helps!

Edit: Dang it, SR lol


888x is 68 g

DNA is 65 g

So that statements false

Mutant DNA is BIG and HEAVY. The stacks are a neat bonus, but I barely use them. Same thing with my SuperStar, but I want to get 2 sets of the Z-stacks for these yoyos. The stumpy stacks are hard to grab while in play buy are great for pull starts. If you’re grabbing them from a trapeze or other mount.

I currently have no interest in the DNA or the 888. I have nothing against them, that’s just merely reflecting my interests. As far as other stacked YYF’s, I think the G5 is in my sights.

If you want something with hubstacks, get the Madhouse YoYo Epic. It is a bit loud at times, but for me one of the most fun stacked throws i have.

The PGM is pretty fun, cheap and durable. Yeah, maybe they vibe a little. It’s a plastic and it’s still way fun. Good shape, good for 1A, 3A and 5A, but seems to really be meant to be for 1A and 5A with options.

And my skill level is intermediate

its been said,
what do you like?
they are both good grinders thumb finger palm etc

and are both long sleeping.

I’m going with the 888

Not to jam my two cents in late as said both are great. I would lean towards the DNA just due to availability and trade factors. You make the choice, though I would consult the BST for an 888 first.


I hope we helped…