So guys? Yoyo factory DNA or the 888?

I want to get one or the other for Christmas can you help out? I like the look of the DNA better but… :-[

888 but dont get classic
great weight
i like size alot

Simple. Well, do you like big or small yo-yo’s? The DNA is just a normal-sized 888, BTW.

Why not classic?
What does your likes have to do with his?
You like size a lot. So then if a yoyo had no size you wouldn’t like it? That’s helpful. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes the DNA is a larger sized 888.

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I like them wide but not huge with wasted space…

Haha the new style of yoyo play: 6a where actually you’re only playing with a string!!! And introducing… Duncans new invisible yoyo!!! It looks like nothings there… Because nothing is there!!!

Haha yay. Glad we have someone else here with a good sense of humore. ;D

I’m glad you’re saying that this is my first night. :wink:

If you like the size of the Dark Magic, go for a DNA.

If it feels to big, go for the 888.

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Hey dude big help… I’ll have to see when I get it Tuesday… Then I’ll know I’ll write back when I make my decision.

go for an 888 once classic is gone

There’s a lot of posts in this thread I don’t really get. This is about big or small. Not about “I like the 888 the best”. It’s about big or small. Do you want big, or do you want small? Do you want a DNA or an 888? Big or small?

Necro. Please check the last post in this thread. It was a month ago.

Yes. ;D

yeah I know I was aboutto say something and if I get anything it will be a DNA.