Which 888 to buy?


So, i started yoyoing lately now.
I had my kickside and my dark magic and wanna get a metal yoyo now.
So i decided to get an 888 cause it seems to be a good choice ;D.

Now there are so many different 888 versions out there and theres also the DNA.
So my question is what 888 is good to buy or is another yoyo a better choice for me.


well the DNA isnt an 888 its a bigger version of the 888 so if you like undersized get the regular 888 if not get a DNA,really any metal will be good


Yes - The DNA is simply a larger version of the 888

Now, which other versions are you thinking of?

(J. Lev) #4

Any of them. Just pick which one you think looks best or is least expensive!

In regards to small vs large bearing, its not that big of a deal.


I saw this 888 splash which really looked cool but didnt find any place to buy it and on this side its sold out.

Does a Large YYJ KK Bearing fit in an 888?
Cause i got that one on my dark magic and dont wanna change it if not necessary.


the kk from your dark magic will fit in a large bearing 888. I think a blue splash 888 is coming out in the near future? If you see those online grab one you wont be dissapointed


Are they gonna be released on this site too?
Or on what sites?

And when is “near future”?
Cause i wanted to order mine in the next week or something.


(Mark) #8

The blue splash probably won’t be released that early. You may like the weight of the 888 but the DNA is closer in size of the Dark Magic.


I would reccomend the 888 Splash.It has a cool design and it is still a 888 :wink:

(Ryan) #10

its about preference if you like big standard size get dna but if you like undersized get 888.if your going to get the 888 get the splash…


Or get a color you like more then the splash if thats the case. Dont worry about the colors - They all have the same Specifications (at this site), so the play will not differ.


Thx i ordered an 888 blue splash now it looks so nice ;D

Thx to everyones help


enjoy! :wink:

(Jerry) #14



I don’t think that was necessary. If you have read the last post he has already bought a blue splash. And also it was 10 days ago. See the date of last post and then reply.