dna or 888

im not sure want to get,can the dna dish out fast play like the 888,does it have better weight distribution then the 888.HELP

oh and i have all flield out that list about what sizes you like,and both fit my needs

That doesn’t make much sense to me. The DNA is a full-sized yoyo, and the 888 is undersized. Are you trying to say that you don’t care about the size?

Both can play fast, maybe the 888 is a bit faster, but the DNA might feel faster because of it’s smaller weight/size ratio.

you would be correct, it feels light for its size but goes as fast as an 888 but isnt able to go in as small spaces as the 888 due to its size

There basicly the same yoyo, the 888 is just a little bit faster but the dna is still great. My verdict is if you like small yo’s git a 888 if you like big yo’s git a dna but I think you would happy with ether.
P.S. I like the 888!!! :slight_smile:

dna is better

do you even have a dna??? i like the 888 better because it has more of a flow and is better at grinding plus the dna is full sive and not really that good at speed for 1a

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