upgrading to a new yoyo...the DNA


So i have had a DM yoyo awhile now and have been getting quite a few tricks down. now i am looking to upgrade…my question is what should i upgrade 2? i enjoy lots of string tricks but also grinds. thank you for anyones help. so ive narrowed my search to maby the DNA thanx for everyones help. now im just asking people who have played with it how is it?


Fill this out:


And what level are you at??


oo sorry. getting past advanced 1 into advanced 2… i would say im still a little new? im just trying 2 find some of the better yoyos 2 upgrade 2


If your just into advanced you really dont need to upgrade. The dark magic is a great yo-yo and I can do all my tricks on it and I am way past advanced. But if you want an all metal my favorite is my skyline and my peak. :wink:


thank u very much looks like i just need more practice thanx for the help :slight_smile:

(Jeromy K.) #6

I dissagree, an metal yo-yo makes a world of differance it has opned up the door for more tricks that were hard with my X-con. I did get a Dm the other day from a contest and after using an metal has made my throw stronger and much more stable. I suggest a metal what kind is up to you, I suggest some thing simmular to your Dm in weight and size. Get some thing from Yo-Yo factory and it will help you advance.

(Mark) #7

How about the DNA? The yoyo is fairly close to the Dark Magic. The only big difference is that the DNA is 7 grams lighter. I heard it is a good throw and the hubstacks will entertain you. Also, the DNA is beadblasted which allows for great grinds.


wow thanx alot guys ive looked at the DNa a very nice yoyo. but it is fairly expensive


how much are you going to pay for a new yoyo???


when i eventually upgrade i want one that will be top of the liine and i wont have any second thoughts so id say around 100. thanx everyone for the help agin.


yea, i think the DNA would be a good choice. Good Butterfly shape and have the cool stacks. You will not regret getting this yoyo.

(Jeromy K.) #12

You will be amazed at the feel of a metal yo-yo. Good choice, I’ll get one of those some day.


i have a dna and i love mine. can’t say anything bad about it. i wish that i knew more to do with the hubstacks, but i am sure i will learn. i went from a legacy, to a dm, then to an m1, then to a dna, and i definately like the dna very well. i think yoyo’s are like underwear, you have some that you like better than others, but they are all worn from time to time. i say get what you want at the time and don’t be afraid to change it up every now and then.

(Mark) #14

I also want one. I’m deciding from DNA or 888. But I don’t know have a feeling for the full size or the short wide yoyos. So I don’t know.


Well The speeder is fairly close to a DNA with a wider gap.
The 888 is larger all around.



haha you are incorrect, the DNA is a full size version of the UNDERSIZED yoyo 888


Don’t you mean meteor? Speeder is almost the same as a DM.

(JonasK) #18

I completely lost track of this discussion. So I just want to group which yoyo looks and feels like the other.

The Speeder and Meteor have the same shape, they are not anything like a DNA, 888 or DM.

The DNA is an 888 with a larger diameter, it’s not wider. When people say that the DNA will be easier to catch on the string because it’s bigger, they are kind of wrong. The DNA is bigger, but it has the same width.

In a matter of size, the DM is actually very similar to the DNA. Note that the DNA is lighter and has a more rounded shape.

Addment: I hope this post just places everything in it’s right category.

(Mark) #19

Wait. Doesn’t the 888 have a smaller diameter?


Yeah - Which is why Pheenix made his clarification post I think :wink:

Thanks Pheenix