DV888 vs Hectic vs Frantic?

so far i am leaning to the dv888 but i wana hear what people say about each cuz they are the same price, same company, and i am thinking of getting one of those or any other metal yoyo with a simular price.

i dont care what shape, i like med to heavy yoyos and large baring. color doesn’t matter. response can be any besides starburst but i don’t think most metals have starburst. i am starting the expert section of the tricks on this sight. i don’t like to mod.

Well, for me the Hectic is great. They’re all great, don’t get me wrong, I just feel there is a lot of Dv888 hype at the moment. Try to pick which one appeals to you the most. (since they are all available in large bearing)

Hectic (small bearing) is my favorite yoyo of all time if that’s worth anything to you. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with either though. YYF wouldn’t put their name on a bad yoyo.

i’d say Dv888 i like the hectic alot too but the Dv888 feels better in my hand so any of them are a good choice

well it does mean something that your favorite yo-yo is one that i considered but i went with the dv888 because people say it is a good starter metal. if people responded a little sooner i might have chosen otherwise but there was still the chance i would have gone with the DV888. i wasn’t expecting to get a new yoyo until november but my aunt got me one as an early Bday present. thanks for your help though