Are expensive yoyos worth it?


I was wandering if $80+ yoyos are really worth it. I have been looking in to it and am not sure if i should. I already own a dv888, shutter and rally. I was wandering if expensive yoyos are really worth buying with so many great yoyos that are available for under $50.


Honestly, it’s a luxury thing. I’ve messed around with a DV888 (kicking myself for not buying a b-grade but I can always swipe my brother’s :slight_smile: ) and enjoyed it. I recently picked up a shutter (which is normally in the $45 range but spent a bit more due to the awesome color job done on it. If you wonder, I picked up the Alien Galaxy Splash colorway. It’s amazing. I’m actually surprised the Shutter itself is so low in price because it feels like an $80 throw! You can somewhat feel a difference in the grade of aluminum based on what you bought. While the DV888 is nice, it feels like my One Drop Benchmark or even some of my RecRevs are higher grade.

I think the most I’ve spent on a yoyo was for my Shutter and my One Drop Benchmark (Loving these thows). I just can’t really see myself spending more than $60ish for a yoyo.


My last “high end” yoyo cost about $90 6-7 years ago. Since then I’ve never spent more that $45 on a yoyo, and have been very pleased w/them. So are they worth it? That’s in the eye of the beholder.


What jhb said.

I love my “high end” yoyos and I think they’re quite fun. But they’re not “more” fun than my Werrd Minute and in fact my Minute is the only yoyo I own that can do absolutely everything. Went on a vacation with only the Minute and didn’t “miss” my other yoyos.

I’ll continue to buy expensive yoyos from time to time for different reasons… maybe I’m curious about the nutty stability of some of the new bi-metals. Maybe I just love the look of a yoyo in terms of shape or colourway. But I will make these purchases knowing full well that not a single one of them is actually giving more “tools” for yoyoing.

Buy an expensive yoyo or two if you like, for whatever reason in the world (you don’t need to justify it to anyone as long as you’re not cutting into money that’s important to your life) and enjoy them. But if it’s going to stress you out and not bring you joy as a result, just buy the inexpensive ones knowing that you’re able to learn and perform exactly the same tricks as anyone with their $500 titanium.


I don’t really differentiate between an $80 yoyo and a $40 yoyo. There are some great yoyos out now for around $50 or less. To get an appreciably better yoyo you need to get into the $120+ range IMO.

I’d rather have one $200 yo-yo than four $50 yo-yos if the $200 yo-yo is even moderately better. I mean you can only throw one yo-yo at once, so I don’t really see the point of having a ton of cheap yo-yos unless you’re just into collecting them.

That’s just me though. Everyone feels differently about it.