NEW yoyos

have you ever wanted a new yoyo but don’t know which one to get because of prices or awesomeness?

Prices are ridiculous IMO

But thats just me.

Yeah but people have to make money or it’s not worth doing.

well, maybe it is because I (finally) grew up a little, but when I’m hesitating to buy an expensive throw, I ask myself “do I really NEED it?”

and recently, I’ve started to wonder “will it play better than a $40 DV888?”

Yes it happens to me. Recently, I sold off my Stargazer (that kid would pay me by month). And now when I look at yoyos I feel like getting one but keep on getting worried about the prices. >:(

I do that too, and then I look at it again and think “but it looks soooo cool/ pretty, and I can afford it”, and then I buy it anyways. I’m trying to cut down my yoyo budget, but it’s so hard for me… :stuck_out_tongue: