why pay more?

I’ve heard that a 45$ Dv888 can “handle anything you throw at it”. if this is true, why would anyone pay for a 120+ yoyo?? whats the difference between a 120 yoyo and a 45$ Dv888? Why should i pay a lot of money when a 45$ yoyo can handle all the tricks? What makes a 120$ yoyo soo much better than a Dv888?

it may be able to handle everything you throw at it but some people dont like them

so people pay triple the price because they like the way a 120$ yoyo feels compared to a Dv888?

I dig what your saying I can do all the tricks on my California that I can with my Gnarwhal, BUT I wouldn’t trade the feel and handling that I get with the Gnarwhal for anything. Plus I get a better feel from the more expensive stuff, but I like the cheaper, because I can afford a greater variety.


so the difference between a 120$ yoyo and a Dv888 is that if feels better.so what if you buy a 120$ yoyo and you dont like the way it feels? you can buy 3 or 4 yoyos for 120$ so doesnt that give you a better chance of finding a yoyo thats feels right? one last question, what makes a 120$ yoyo “Handle” better than a Dv888? Dv888’s seem to handle pretty good right?

some yoyos are manufactured better and they have better rim weight designs which give them a smooth feel.

Some of us buy to play, some of us buy to collect, many do both. I really like the DV888 as well as many YYF yos…I also like Caribou Lodge, One Drop, YoYoJam, CYYC, and many others as well. For me, I like the variety of the different shapes, colorways, and weight differences. YYF is very good at offering a wide wide variety from plastics to affordable metals to high end metals to accommodate a variety of preferences. So does it make logical sense to spend 2-3x on a yoyo that plays just as well? Perhaps not, but keep in mind for some collectors, a rare old wooden Duncan will fetch hundreds of dollars and is just a fixed axle wooden yoyo that I would never throw.

So it depends on your motivation and don’t think there’s any one “right answer”. Personally, I’m motivated by how it plays, how it looks, larger diameter vs smaller diameter and I like them all, but each person has different preferences.


what do you care if some one wants to spend $120 on a yoyo and your happy with your $45 DV888…a good player can do the same tricks with a $17 Duncan Freehand Zero…why did you pay $45…? you know it cost about 3 dollars to make the sneakers your wearing…what did you pay…? why would you pay $8 for a plate of pasta at a restaurant when you can make it at home for 50’d cents…?

Well why is your computer not that $200 computer with internet connection and Microsoft applications?

well some people like to collect yoyos and DV888 is not really much of a “collecting” yoyo
and most of the pricing comes from the designs
so more cuts to the yoyo can mean more smoothness or a different feel to the yoyo.
less cuts mean cheaper yoyo but it might cost you the smoothness or the “right” feel to the yoyo

Another factor that comes to play is the loyalty some people have to certain companies. Sure, a Duncan FHZ can do a lot of tricks a premium metal from YYF can; but some people(not a lot though, I’m sure) absolutely reject using Duncan yo-yos and play with only YYF’s. Again, I’m sure not a lot of people are this way, but you come across a couple of examples here and there.

its just like being at a store and seeing oh storebrand tissues 1.99 or kleenex tissues 2.99 well people might pay more for something of better quality even though the store brand does what the kleenex does.

okay so people like paying a lot of moeny because they think the more expensive yoyos feel better, and because they like the better quality of a high end yoyo. but when it comes to my own money, i just want a yoyo that can get the job done for the lowest price. but i guess it gives some bragging right its you own a 120$ yoyo eh? haha

It’s also a lot about preferences… The dv888 as you mentioned can do everything, but if doesn’t play like I want it to play. There is more variety in yoyos around the $60-$120 area, so a lot of people buy them to experience the difference and see what they like

Quality is higher, more pricey throw, and as ^^ said, they are pretty different.

It’s all about material, machining, finish, hubstacks and other add-ons, amount of material, number produced, bearing, demand, etc. And if they were the same why would people use 888s genesis’s, marmots, and other high-enders instead of dv888s, dingos, raptors, and other affordable metals. You’re basically asking what’s so good about ferraris, when a $14 000 Toyota still drives.

For the same reason some people buy a Volvo, BMW or Audi, and some people are content with a Chev or Ford.

As far as tissue goes, I’ll pay extra for Puffs+ over plain old store brand tissue any day.

It’s all preference and what turns yer crank.

I would never buy kleenex tissues compared to storebrand tissues… but I could go on and on about that.

Some people would be perfectly happy by buying a cheap yoyo that still can do everything so they could spend their saved money on, I don’t know, toe puppets or something. But I would still often like to buy a nicer, smoother, whatever yoyo for $80-$120 dollars. You could get an old, used TV on ebay for five dollars, but
I would rather buy a nicer one for more (or better yet toe puppets).

Every one go buy toe puppets now, because I think I have a new obsession.

i’m a BIG FAN of the DV888, but I’m also a collector

the DV888 is an awesome street you, slam it ten times, break it, you can get another one

a wooly markmont or a sovereign, a messiah etc… these are “premium” throws, awesome finish, rare, not made by 12yo in china for 10cts/piece (we all know it’s not true it’s just for the image)

sometimes there are more to it than just a price/performance ratio

the fact is, some people are just players, but some players are also collectors, photographers, who might use yoyos for many other reasons than just throw tricks.