after looking at the recent recent yoyos coming to the market, I’ve had enough of market scheming and the dreaded “hype” that is fueled by fans and drags down the common person with outrageous prices for things we ALL know should cost a much smaller proportion. STARTING TODAY i hereby make a promise to myself and all of my friends, associates, idols, or whoever else that will do me the honor of reading this post; when buying or trading for any yoyo period, I will not pay or trade for an equal value of $80.

To add to this decree i will start making a series of videos that will show you that a good well designed yoyo, no matter what the price, will perform outstandingly.

Before ANY of you mention your favorite hyped up yoyo and saying “it’s worth every penny” or “it deserves the hype” think about that before you say it. If Jensen Kimmitt won 2010 worlds using only ONE $35 un-modified North Star, then what difference would it make if he would have had a superstar on the floor beside him?

And also before you fans start to question me, hear this

A yoyo manufacturer (company) will have the yoyos made for about $10-$15 at the MOST for a full run. the yoyo stores such as yoyo exert or yoyo nation will buy the yoyos at about $30-$50 a piece but that’s where the you come in. the stores rely on the anticipation and hype of the common person and the typical hype slave to drive the price that comes to $100 or more. and then to add insult to injury, the common person will buy the yoyo just for its value, not because they think it looks nice, not because they think it will play well, because they KNOW in their minds that if they say “i have one” everyone will line up their door step with their treasure chest saying “it’s yours” and will make a profit tenfold. But the saddest part of it all is, the yoyos that are masterpieces of performance will never reach their full potential because of dogs that sniff them out to be locked away and looked at in a case. Or a stand instead of use for its intended purpose.

sometimes a person’s worst nightmare, is for they prize yoyo to have a scuff so small, it can be seen unless it is put under a magnifying glass, ruining it resale value right? With every beater, realize that each scrap, scuff, mark and ding show that no matter what, that yoyo was used. through thick and thin, it was used until life was no more, and finally when it receives all of its battle scars, it can finally be put to rest these are the beaters, the yoyos that we stuck to because we played them no matter what.

To anyone who hears my message join me and the next time you hear someone say “it’s worth the hype” with out showing, or meaning any disrespect for your fellow yoyo player, please reply;

“no it’s not”.



This post, is not worth the hype. I think the occupy wall street movement has taken an unfortunate turn to the yoyo world with this post. :wink:

As a business owner, people need to make money in order to pay the bills, support a family, and live a life that they would like. Us, the consumer, make this possible. If you stop buying yoyo’s and ones at certain prices, then yes, they will need to rethink their strategy in order to accommodate the market.

Companies hype their product in order to sell it, to make money. That is why we live the “American Dream.” I get people all of the time asking how I can sell my designs and shows at several times more than my competition. It is because I can bring the hype and I deliver on that hype. If I didn’t, people would stop buying them. YYF has done an amazing job at doing this, I fault them on certain areas, but for creating hype and getting a following they are the best at it. Others build hype and a loyal following based on their quality. One Drop has some amazing followers and have been some of the nicest I have met. If you don’t like certain prices then by all means, boycott them, and don’t buy them. I won’t buy another YYF yoyo. I’m not going to try to start a picket around their office by any means. Just a personal choice on personal convictions. I think where this changes is when your asking others to join you in your quest. Which is exactly what is going on all around the world with the Occupy Wall Street fiasco.

Also to judge a throw that you don’t even throw, I think is immature and childish. If you have thrown it, that is what the Review section of this website is about. I just think you should think your post through a little more.


I’m sorry to say this, but there is certain validaty to your rant. This is just implying that a huge majority of us are what you describe as “hype slaves” first off.

Now to the real reply:

Every person has their own opinion and method when it comes to buying a yo-yo. We have those who give in to the so called “hype” and those who buy a yo-yo for the quality and playability. There are two types of yo-yo collectors: those who buy one to play and have variety, and those who just collect.

Do you know why some players are so excited about certain yo-yos? Whenever a yo-yo company unveils some kind of new product that is innovative it’s natural for the excitement because that product is different .

A yo-yo is not priced because of the consumer’s excitement and desire. It is priced a certain way because of quality manufacturing, man labor, designing, material, and the state of the current economy.

Sure the yo-yo’s potential lies in the player’s hand and not it’s pricing, or origin; but when it comes to finding the quality a player wants, one has to be willing to pay a little extra. That’s why they have plastics, metals, and different specifications. Hype of a certain yo-yo is only fueled by players that have those preferences.

An example is the Northstar: there was so much hype about it because it had the name of Jensen Kimmitt on it. That hype was fueled only by the kids who worship Jensen and wanted yo-yos used by world champions. Those who actually bought it and use it to its full potential are those who knew what they were looking for in a yo-yo and needed a new throw at a good price. Simple… no?

Another aspect is that “hype” keeps the yo-yo market circulating. Without enthusiasm to buy, companies would not rake in that income they need. They might go out of business and the yo-yo community might not have anymore funding to keep it running contests, get togethers, clubs, etc.

The “hype” you’re describing is the one generated by over-exaggerated fantasies created by hungry loyalists on how awesome they think the throw will be. The true hype comes from the right reasons, and that always gets over-shadowed. You just have to dig in deeper. That’s why we have the Review section of the forums. To confirm whether that yo-yo really was “worth the money” or “worth the hype”.

This post was typed with all intention as a formal response to your opinion.


Everyone wants my thoughts. I don’t know why. I guess I must have something valid to say. Maybe not. Here it is anyways:

Take almost any yoyo, and in the right hands, amazing stuff can happen. The proof is that it’s the player, NOT the yoyo. As I’ve said recently many times, the yoyo is merely a TOOL. Matching a yoyo that seems to be a best fit for the performer. I use the microphone comparison again:
I had a guy go through a bucketload of handheld mics that were designed for vocals(as a primary application). Prices ranged from $40 to $540. The right mic for that guy was an $89 mic, and he sounded like crap on the $540 microphone. In this case, we’re matching transducer that performs ebst to the source based on available inventory. Yoyo is not a whole lot different. Big range of prices, lots of great performance at all levels of price. But what works best comes down to a variables. But in simple, we match the source with the proper tool. Price is secondary. Bono uses a Shure SM58, perhaps the single most common handheld vocal mic. Granted, live he uses a wireless version, but it’s still an SM58 capsule. He uses in the studio. Here’s a man who could easily afford a pricier Shure KSM-9 or a Neuman KMS-104 or 105(all in the $700+ range), yet he’s using a $100 microphone capsule. Why? It’s the best fit for him.

There are so many GOOD microphones and there are so many good yoyos. But I went down the mic path elsewhere, despite how applicable it is. But the bottom line is understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the tools you have available in order to exploit those elements to your advantage.

I will agree that a well designed yoyo will perform great, regardless of it’s price point. But, again how much of this performance is due in part to the player? A great yoyo in the hands of a noob is, well, kinda pointless. A crappy yoyo in the hands of a very well seasoned and skilled player can still result in amazing results. Similarly, I had to work in “battle conditions” for years doing audio. Not to get “crass”, but I was constantly in a situation where I had the wrong gear to do the job and I was expected to constantly “pull a miracle out of my @$$” to make things happen. Bad mics, bad gear, bad amps, bad speakers, bad cables… yet the show must go on. Or dealing with vets with attitude and how I can’t do crap, and they purposely set me up to fail and I smoke them.

Yet again I digress.

Who am I? Well, how am I in regards to this whole yoyo thing? Nobody really. Just someone taking up yoyo as nothing more than a hobby. A hobby that I enjoy. Do I collect? Yeah. I do. I guess many of us do. But I don’t collect just so I have a trophy or a score. I collect to throw, to learn and experience and to have variety. The collection is growing, and so are my skills and my experience. I have stuff from expensive to inexpensive. I have my eyes on some inexpensive AND expensive stuff right now.

Do I buy into the hype? Not in the same way. I had to see what the big deal with CLYW is. Now I know. I like. Worth it? Yes, but I’ll buy used, thank you. I hear the same models over and over again. Since they are so popular, it makes sense to get these so I can familiarize myself with what “everybody” is using. It’s kind of nice to join in the shared experience. I’m not immune to the hype

Most of us know it’s the throw, not the yo. Quality will rise, the junk will fall by the wayside. It always does. Regardless of price, there’s a reason why the yoyos continue to be made: people like them and they perform good enough to satisfy people. Granted, not everything can be a competition quality yoyo. If someone wants to use a high priced yoyo, then so be it. If a cheap yoyo is the best fit for a player then hey, all the better.

What I suggest to the OP is if you’re unhappy, vote with your wallet. Actions speak louder than words. Too much? Don’t buy it. Nobody is forcing you to buy anything at any price. Videos won’t prove anything other than you don’t need a high priced yoyo to have a good time.

Yeah, I got 7 CLYW’s, I got 3 One Drops. I got other stuff up there in those price ranges. I got inexpensive stuff too. I also have plenty of stuff in between. Metal, plastic, bi-metals, even a wood yoyo. What do I like throwing? A DM2. Maybe that will change in time, but for the time being, this what gives me the best performance for my developing skills. Mind you, I like throwing my Code 1 and my Avalanche, but I also have a Beysick and a dv888 to get familiar with, and plenty of other throws that don’t deserve to be neglected that I need to throw more.

My closing thoughts:
Yoyos are made to be enjoyed. A yoyo sitting around in a box or package or whatever is an item that’s not able to bring proper joy to its owner. They are meant to the thrown. It’s ultimately up to the end user to decide what they do and don’t like, and there’s a limited number of ways to find out: buy to try, or put oneself in situations that provides them with opportunities to try stuff. NEVER spend more than you’re comfortable spending.

For me, it’s all about the fun and the joy that yoyo brings to me, and how it makes ME feel and what goes along with it. I could care less if I’m rocking a Butterfly or a Gnarwal, I’m having fun. We need to keep sight of that. But for those of us who do choose to compete, they’ll pay for the gear that gets the job done best for them and that’s good too.


I use the SLX Series Shure Beta 58 Wireless. Pretty happy with it :slight_smile: I also now have a OD 54 since you were being too stingy with yours…I’m pretty happy with it too :wink:


Bottom line is all about preference. If the $20 throw is what you like best that’s awesome. If the $200 yoyo is what you like best that’s awesome too. That $200 dollar yoyo might be the exact weight-size-shape that fire you best but so may that cheap one.

There’s too much “this is the best yoyo ever” hype for sure, but people have opinions and forums are where these kind of things are shared amongst peers and such.

Hype drives the cost of yoyos on that I agree but there are lots of other things envolved too. I will give an example…

The dark magic and lots of other yyj stuff was almost double the price a year or so ago. I don’t believe that manufacturing costs have cut themselves in half while the cost of materials has gone up. It has to be due to market saturation. They got their money while the getting was good and now that most yoyoers have some of their yoyos in their collection the sales per model have decreased and so the price has been dropped to offset this effect. Imo of course.

(DOGS) #7

Cite your sources.

This started out with a neat initiative, and degraded into the same crap we’ve heard a hundred times.


I got 4 of the AT 3000’s in the C band. 2 dynamics and 2 condenser transmitters. 4 body packs, lavs and 2 sets of heardworns.

4 Shure SLX-series. 2 beta 87C capsules, 1 SM58 capsule and 1 Beta 58 capsule. Plus a complete set of body packs and headworns.

ATW-49 LPDA paddle antennas, Shure U844 antena amp/distro and a pair of AT Antenna distros/power supplies.

Yeah, I had to get stingy with my OD’s! I’m having too much fun with it.

(and for those NOT in the know, TMCertified and myself do work on entertainment, so it’s cool when we joke like that. We may be on opposite coasts, but he’s welcome behind my console any time.)

See I told ya!

Really? I started in May of 2011, so I was blissfully ignorant of this. Prices close to double? If that was true today, I’d not be here. I wouldn’t be able to justify those kind of prices. I mean, I had no interest in this before May of 2011. Then, the crash after that show at the end of April, another typical post-gig crash. That’s when I had to find something else to do to try to keep those deep crashes from happening. If I’d seen a price over $60 for a DM2, I’d have said “you know, this ain’t affordable” and have probably given up before the end of June.


YYJ price has halved? Since when?

I paid about $40 for a Mini Motu 5 years ago. Of course, with inflation pricing has come down to a degree, but in all my years of throwing I’ve always known metal rimmed YYJ to be $40-ish.


I’m pretty sure I remember most yyj stuff being around $70 when I started throwing. I may be wrong but for some reason I remember that because another friend of mine was getting into it when I euro and we were thinking that’s a lot for a yoyo but its the yoyo Andre used in the videos it has to be awesome (speaking of the dm of course). Let me just say I’m glad I bought a northstar before the dm2.

If I’m wrong I’m sorry. ;D


Ask any yoyo producer, it cost a lot more then 10-15 dollars to make a run. You kind of lost your credibility when you stated this post.


With The way metal prices are these days the aluminium alone in a modern yoyo is worth more than $10-15 then u have machining and marketing and lots of other stuff involved before its ready to sell.


I’ve made a full run and I didn’t pay that little amount. I wish!



okay, this is error on my part.

by $10-15 i ment per yoyo. not total.

TOTAL it’s about $500 for to make a full run

(DOGS) #15

Sure not 10-15 each, regardless. You talk like facts but spit lies.


so we’re changing the world? again ?

yoyoing, without the consumerism aspect of it wouldn’t be the same, it is how it is partly because (or thanks to) that, and IMO that’s what makes it exciting.

I’ll just pass on the misinformed statements from those who have no idea how businesses are supposed to work.

I’ll just say this: why don’t you get yourself an astrojax?

so long


We vote with the dollar. Buy them and they will make more. Don’t buy and they will change. Just change your habits to accomidate your feelings, and let the market go where it wil.

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I think people just need to star taking peoples yoyos.

Cause if one person takes someones stuff, then the next person will, and the chain will go on and on until you got this nice rotating system of yoyos being stolen and taken and acquired all at once.

Makes for an exciting yoyo life doesnt it.

Thats the way to run things.



That’s called theft, and last I checked, it’s a crime.

No, that would NOT be a good idea.

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John has 32 candy bars, he eats 28, what does he have now?

Diabetes. John has diabetes.

On to the point. Manufacturers are gonna charge what they want to charge so they can make money. If they didn’t make money they wouldn’t exhist. Us complaining about it will not get them to drop prices, plus if you dont want to spend more than $80 on a yoyo, I’m sorry, but you’re only one person. umm…who cares?