Yoyo Prices

I have seen way too many posts of people complaining about prices. I do too some times but everyone (including me) needs to stop.

We are the ones who make it that high. If you think about it.

Answer this question:
Who can tell me why we make the prices so high?

Are you talking about like how peaks are SO expensive now, or from manufacturers?

I’m going to assume that he means peaks and other older throws. The thing with older throws is that as time goes they will be more and more wanted and people will be willing to spend more on a yoyo like a peak now then they would have in the past.

Ooh ooh… call on me. Because everyone buys so many of them? Am I right?

The two factors at work here are the cost of raw materials and the lifestyle level at which people expect to live in the country of origin of the yoyo. I understand what you’re probably getting at, but yoyos don’t consume enough aluminum to effect the market value. And as for the expected socioeconomic level, there are greater forces at work there.

You are all wrong. The answer is:

We will pay that much.

If we all asked for lower prices and stopped buying the really expensive yoyos for a little while, companies would be forced to drop their prices to more reasonable prices.


none of it is in our control anyways, it’s in the markets control. Frankly it doesn’t matter why prices are high or low, people will buy what they want to buy, budget metals will sell well but so will high ends.

Life goes on.


Oxygéne made the Hyperion and marked it at $500. They stocked ten of each color (pink, blue, and raw) and the stock has gradually gone down.

People are willing to pay $500 for a yoyo.

That’s what I said. Except in different words.

Exactly, companies know that we will continuously pay $100+ for yoyos so why would they lower them.

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i am playing almost a year and my most money i paid to buy a yoyo is 45$
i dont think we need to buy yoyos over 100$
if we will (like zorro said)not buy yoyos and play with what we got the companies will see that they have to drop they prices because almost nobody buying their expensive yoyos

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And some companies YYJ PHENOM just make the price higher with stuff like gold, hubstacks, etc.

But that’s because some people want yoyos with hubstacks or fancy weight rings.
It costs more to produce and people are willing to pay more.

It’s not “just to make the price higher”. It’s to make a better, arguably more desirable and therefor more expensive product.

I do!

It’s not like yoyo companies are getting rich off overpricing their wares. Though I will agree that some could easily be a few less dollars, most are pretty reasonably priced given the time, design, and effort put in to get it off paper and into your hands.


Well, why would anybody actually want hubstacks? Have you ever seen anybody actually do tricks with hubstacks? And weight rings are legit, but gold is just to raise the price.

You have no way to know this for sure unless you were actively involved in the design of the Phenom.

Hubstacks may not be a prominent feature of competition freestyles any more but that doesn’t make them any less fun to have. Sometimes you just want to goof around and see what sort of silly things you can come up with. Sometimes you just want to “feel the gyroscopic power” as YYF puts it.

As for weight rings, some people just prefer the look of gold plating to anodized aluminium (I personally prefer anodized aluminium). Will it raise the price? Of course. Gold costs more and you can hardly expect the company to eat the cost. Is it just for the sake of raising prices? I don’t think so. If that was the goal, there are more cost efficient ways to artificially inflate the price like producing a numbered run, a limited edition laser engraving, or a limited run colourway.



I love hubstacks! Doing ripcord starts is fun and easy to do in confined space or sitting down. People may not use them in competition but for average players it just gives another dimension.

This is one lone example, and quite an outlier. Most yoyos are not $500, most are about $50. That’s about as low as it can get and still be worth staying in business. Don’t throw the oxy stuff out there like it is normal.