help me decide

So basically I want to buy a yoyo that is a skyline with out the hubstacks. Can you guys and gals help me out with some suggestions. I am easy with any yoyo manufacturer

I love my Skyline with the stacks off ;D But, IDK any yos close to it, The new protege mite be close but I really don’t know good luck :slight_smile:

Skyline is too lite without the stacks.

Buy a skyline and remove the stacks? ???

If your buying a stacked yoyo, to takes the stacks off, then your giving some extra 15$

Stacks and oring 5$
2 bearings:10$

well, theres not really any other choice, is there? many people unstack an 888x to thumbgrind.

Primo, but you already have one.

yeah the primo is a bit big, I love it but but I want something smaller