superstar vs MVP vs skyline vs BOSS vs primo

hey guys,

i have no preferences, i just want to know witch plays better.

please reply!!! please!!! :-\ :-\ :-\ :-[ :-[ :-[ :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(

thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I like my skyline, but its undersized. Not that being undersized is a bad thing, but im not sure how an undersized yoyo will compare to an 888 or a boss.


But there is such thing as preferance

If you like hubstacks the Superstar. If not, the Primo. Just my preference.

I’ve heard that hubstacks effect the play of the yoyo, is that true

As far as i know, not really, not drsticaly anyway.
They add some wight on the center of the yoyo, therefore they made the yoyo feel heavier.
And due to its spining, it can slowdown the yoyo in most cases, but not too much.

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oh, well i think I’m going to get a primo, and protostar.
thanks for all your help!!!


:o :o :o

what’s so great about Eneme?

well you had no preferences. does that mean you want to try a new type of yoyo? then get something smaller, slight H shaped, and lighter compared to what your “favorite yoyos” are

yes, i have been wanting to try a new type of yoyo. The only shapes i have ever played with is the basic butterfly and the flat rimmed butterfly, the shape of the PRIMO is really cool, but if one of the others where better, i would of made a sacrifice. I really think the PRIMO is just what I’M looking for :slight_smile:

PS. I’m getting protostar just because i want one ;D ;D ;D

Really smooth. Great grinds. Best yoyo…evar

What’s so great about the other ones mentioned.

So if you haven’t guessed it already I’m just going to randomly post yoyos that people don’t put in their “want” lists… We have a huge amount of metal yoyos, and then I see these threads listing yoyos because they are from the same brand.

I love how we get these threads and then the person that made it goes and gets a completely different yoyo…

They all play great. If they didn’t play great, they would not have been made, and thus they still all play great.

My work here is done…



omg nub its good cuz it spin long and grind good it also won worlds.

:o :o :o

ya i think i might get a Eneme, or a Hatrick. They both fit my preferences perfectly i have no idea witch! Maybe you guys could help me a little bit more?

You are getting pretty close to a coinflip to be honest. These beasts are both worth the money. Making a choice for you right now is pretty tough. I guess you have to do some work for yourself.