YYF Primo review by Hardcore_Max

The YOYO Factory Primo

First Impressions

Mmmmmm shinny, this yoyo is stunning to the eye, definatly one for outdoor play the way the anno finish catches the light it is simply stunning to look at. The shape well if a daddy superstar and a mummy skyline where to have a baby this is it.


How does the Primo play you may ask, well let me tell you, so far I havent been able to fault this yoyo. I mean usually some bigger yoyo’s I have found to be like a marshmellow on a string, but the Primo is nothing like that, you throw it down and you know it’s there.
The Primo’s structure is amazing, it has thick high rims for exceptional rim weight making for nice long spin times, but doesnt lack in center weight either which make this yoyo extreamly stable.
I have had the Primo now for two days and the only time I have put it down is to eat sleep and to change the string because I created a nighmare of a knot. The Primo came to me completly unresponsive and in perfect condition.
The Primo has groves similar to the one drop P2 making arm grinds and palm grinds a pleasure and also has an IRG for doing wicked thumb grinds.


Diameter: 56.5 mm / 2.22 inches
Width: 41.2 mm / 1.62 inches
Response System: Slim K-Pad (888 Size)
Weight: 66.7 grams
Bearing Size: Size C SPEC Bearing


The Primo uses K pads but they are the the skinny 888 versions, so if you are going to order some when you get your own Primo make sure you get the right ones. These K pads are a great response system, no slippy binds and great at returning even when the yoyo is spinning slowly.

The Insides

The Primo has a standard YYF bearing sent out completle unresponsive also it has the smallest axle ive seen ever, it’s about half the length of the DV888 axle.

tiny huh?


I bought the acid wash pink version and some YYE purple strings which comlement the brightness of this yoyo very well, so here are some pictures to cast your eyes over and get addicted.

So what do you guys and gals think?
You want to go out and get one dont you.

Final Say

So there we have it the YYF Primo in all is glory, as I said before I personally can not fault this yoyo, there is one thing I would like to see though, this exact yoyo brought down to the size of the DV888, but thats just a size preference of mine, but as a solid new throw the Primo has now become my new Main throw. This yoyo has definatly earned it’s place in YYF’s premium collection and to only pay $99.99 for this yoyo is a great deal and hopefully we will be seeing more great yoyo’s like this for great prices.

keeping it hardcore, your fellow yoer Maxamillian

thanks to all who read my review and leave comments, and thanks to YYE for the Specs


Dang! Super Sweet Review. :’(

Nice! I love your reviews!

Sweet review. I may get one in the future, but my protostar is too much fun. :wink:

and a third of the price lol

I think this review knocked the mvp out of the running.

The skyline is really close in shape to the primo, and is around the size of a DV888. It does have stacks, but the new ones are 65gms which is way closer to the primo’s weight.

I really want to have a skyline in my collection next but im not a huge fan of the hubstack idea they get boring after a while I found that out after I got my 4XL

Good review man! Hoping to get one soon.

great review man, how do you think the primo compares to the skyline/superstar
i want one of them, but i don’t know witch to get?
please help :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(

Hopefully I should be able this question in relation to the skyline part anyways very soon, as I should be getting one soon, all I can say on the matter is that the Primo is larger than the skyline has no stacks like the Superstar, similar shape to the skyline and similar size as the superstar. Like I said in my review its like the Superstar and the Skyline had a love child and named it Primo.

very nice review you got into some really good detail in the beginning, keep it up. Hope to see some more reviews. Also very good pics

You could of talked about the cons of the yoyo. Even if there are no cons for you it’s possible there cons for others. Just making a sugestion.

This yoyo looks amazing! Hopefully my tax return money will allow me to get this. I want the purple one like you have. Looks very unique and eye catching!

jumping ahead

Great review, love the color purple ;D

But, i will skip out on this yoyo. I got a snazzy Supa Star ;D


Excellent review. I do have one question on the response of the yoyo. My Dv888’s Kpads are shot after a month and a half of play. The pads only binded well for 2 weeks. Is it the same with the Primo? Does the smaller gap affect the pads at all? How are the binds after a couple weeks. Thanks.

The small Kpads on the Primo are great, I have’nt had an issue with them yet and have been playing my Primo between 4 -6 hrs a day for 3 weeks now. The smaller gap will always make binds tighter on any yoyo.

Sounds great. I am getting a Primo in a couple weeks (actually when my friend decides to give it to me >:( ). I am really excited, but lately my CENTERTRAC Dv888 started slipping binds a month after purchase, and I dont play it as much as you do :-[. I took out the Centertrac and put on different string, so its a little better now. Do you think the Primo could bind tight even with one of those special bearings?

I know with the Turning Point K-pads binds were never a problem for me even after several months of steady play and a center trac bearing. If they’re shipping everything out with CBC pads now, I can’t really speak for those, but I have heard that they wear out faster. I tell you what, buy a tube of flowable silicone. It’s much more cost effective, plays amazing if you do it right, and if you get a decent kind it can be much more resistant to wear and slippage.

By the way, I really enjoyed the review. I guess the only other thing I’d like to see is a greater emphasis on performance aspects, i.e. floatiness, fastness (compared to your other throws), and things like that. But I think you hit it pretty well.