Who has a yoyofactory primo? how is it?

it looks like a cool yoyo and i just wanted to know how well it plays!

Well here’s a review:

well the yoyo itself is really good and has good pockets for thumb grings and the surface is made exspecially for grinds well it looks like it becuase if you look close at the yoyo it has little rings if you will all the way around the yoyos making it better for grinds,this causes less friction so you can stall it and grind better. the yoyo also has great spin time out of the box. it be a little wierd at first but still is a great yoyo and would recomend it to anyone who is in advanced to the master section and is also great for custom tricks. the yoyo is 100 bucks though but still is worth the money and it will last a while. the yoyos colors also are very cool like someone took two shades of one color and splashed a little of the lighter shade over the darker shade. it is a great yoyo as i have said many times and if you want a good yoyo for a semi expensive price then this is the one for you

Isn’t the Primo the stackless version of the Superstar? :o

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I would say that the primo is an EXCELLENT freestyle yoyo simply because it has that amazing look to it. i do have it, it is smooth, but not dead smooth, fast, almost unfairly stable, and has good IRG as long as you don’t mind getting a little paint residue on you hands. i would say that the grinds are good, unique is a better way to say it… if you can control it well, then it is great and can hummingbird pretty well (when it just stays on you finger/ palm without going up), as grinds hardly steal any spin, but if you can’t, it just goes straight up your arm unpredictably.
All in all i would say a good preformer that is more than a match for most other yoyos in the price range.
however, i think that maybe if you want you could go with a burnside, which can do nearly everything a primo can but for a significantly lower price.