Thoughts on YYF Primo?

It seems to be one of the yoyos I never ever see. Does anyone that has one or that has played one have any thoughts on it? I want to try it out cuz it has some really cool ano jobs but I also want the new crucials so I was curious as to how well the primo plays

Primo is a beast it it solid but also can be fast it has a cool mshape i dont own one but when i tried it i was blown away

I, unlike theyoyoguy15, did not have a great experience with the Primo. My friend got one, and it was totally responsive. He tried to take the bearing out, and the bearing exploded or something. He but a center trac bearing in it. It is not dead smooth and doesn’t have the greatest sleep time. If you’re looking for something in that price range, get a one drop, CLYW, or SPYY. The primo isn’t a bad yoyo, there are just plenty of better ones that you can get for almost the same price.

im pretty sure the primo gets really good sleep times… and you need to break in the bearing when you get a new yoyo.

Not even a month after I got the primo the place where the axle sits broke so I can not even ue the yoyo any more. but for the time that i did get to play with it i was suprised that the spin time was no where what i thought it would be. pulling off one min. throws were hard to do and i am not a begginer. grinds were bad. the only thing that i think was good was the stability. my genesis blows the snot out of this yoyo. maby i just got a lemon but i do not advise this yoyo. please invest your money into a better yoyo. personaly the genesis is wonderfull and i enjoy it alot. i have a genesis plus. i agree with guitaryo that it isnt a horrible yoyo but for a hundred dollars it it a huge flop.

Haha thanks guys. I think ill have to look some more