The Primo! For the pros!

the primo has been shown to the world! (if you look in the news section :P) i just want to tell you about it since i got to try one at my local yoyo class here in Phoenix AZ!
the primo reminds me of many yoyofactory yoyos combined, the 888 the superstar, and just little tweecks that remind me of other yoyos by them. The primo overall has a floaty feel and is very balanced, It also has small grooves of the body (not the rims) that i think make it a very good grinder, which if you have tried one of the newer released superstars you will notice it has the same groove job, i feel this might be a reocurring theme in some future yoyofactorys :wink: sorry i cant right more or post pictures because i dont have one, just got to try one, but i thought you guys would like to know!

-Reed Featherston :smiley:

I live near Phoenix and do you know some yoyo shops or classes?


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You may want to try getting in contact with ben mcphee, if I recall correctly YYF is based out of phoenix, az, or at least he would know whether there are clubs and he would be able to help you get in touch with any players in the area.;u=438;topic=44023.0;attach=9685;image

Just had to. I don’t Get to use it often.


Ben is such a cool guy too.