Primo or 2010 Mighty Flea

Hey guys I was choosing between a 2010 Mighty Flea or a Primo I like both of them but just have the money for one of them which one should I get? Please Help!!!

IMHO id take the Mighty Flea over the Primo any day. I have a bunch of yoyos that are like the primo but i do not have a yoyo the size of a quarter. Just my 2cents.

Well, what are you looking for, a yoyo that you’ll use for main play and might possibly compete with, or a yoyo that’s basically a novelty and might be fun to throw around here and there?

if you think that you have yoyos like the primo, please tell what they are :P, because i have never tried anything like it! and it is amazing! (and i have actually tried one if you care to deny)

Why do we keep getting these questions? Two yoyos come out and people think they have to have one. Sigh…

As Shisaki said, do you want one that you might use in a competition, or one that is simply something to mess around with?

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People ask these kinds of questions because they want to try new things. Do you abhor new things? Have you taken a new yoyo vow of asceticism?

You might as well get used to these kinds of questions. Until there are no more curious people with money, these questions won’t end.

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That guy that needs to get used to questions has been around since dirt man. He’s probably gotten used to them, annoyed, and used to them all over again. These yo-yo’s don’t even really have something they have in common play wise, except maybe being unresponsive. The mighty flea is the size of a quarter, So you won’t be doing any mad freestyle’s with it anytime soon. The primo is a super high quality YYF throw, or at least thats what they tell us. I haven’t touched one or seen any reviews yet. Either a fun toy that can play or a great throw that can shred is kind of what your asking. But you didn’t give us what you want. What do you like about each one, What are you trying to get out of it, etc. Please answer those so we can answer you.

true dat

any way I’m going to get both, solve it the easy way! i have the earlier version of the flea and it plays great and my Genesis is my absolute favorite. If i had to decide though i would go with the 2010 Flea, its way more of a challenge and makes old trick fun again. (Just make sure you get plenty of flea string) ;D

Agreed. We don’t know what yoyos anyone will like unless they atleast tell us our preferances. And between these two yoyos, it is kinda obvious do you want something difficult and an icon, or a main player. I think these questions are sortof annoying not because of just the annoyingness of asking a question that is kindof obvious. (in my opinion.) But that you guys can’t post in the right section. There are more questions like this in this section and the review section than in the actuall thread made for questions like this. Please post in the right section. I don’t know why people respond to questions if they are not in the right section. (in my opinion.) Just my $0.02.

But I will help, but please move it to the correct section of the forums.

Ok, I would in my preferance go for the Primo. It might become you main throw. The Mighty Flea will cause you joy and sometimes anger you do to the dificulty of playing it. It is just a throw to screw around with and to be honest with you, it will probably end up in the back of your case collection dust in a month. (in my opinion.) But if you are looking for something uniqe to screw around with I would go for the Mighty Flea. Here is a post that might help you out:

                                                                                          James Reed! ;)

It’s like two different yoyo… With totally different size… And different use…
I’m sure that you know which one do you want…

Ok I dont like competing alot im a great yoyoer but i get nervous easily in front of people i use my moms credit card to buy yoyos and then i give her my money so she can make up for the money i used i just don`t know which yoyo to get?

I saw a vid on youtube for the mighty flea and the mighty flea had hubstacks?

That’s called the Big Deal. Hasn’t been released yet. But it looks like fun to me.
Please don’t double post. Thank you.

The main reason I said that was because moefv has been here for quite a while and should know this stuff by now.

Basically what I was trying to point out, I just worded it pretty bad.

The Big Deal looks really fun is it the same size as he mighty flea? And which one would you prefere the mighty flea or the big deal?

How would we know? It hasn’t been realeased yet…