which yoyo do you think an intermediate player should get? dv888, 2010 mighty flea, or protostar. the only reason i’m throwing in the mighty flea is because people say it’s supposed to be fun. i don’t have any preferences yet, i started a while ago, but i only have one unresponsive yoyo, and am trying to find out what i like best.

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i wouldnt get the mighty flea for performance wise its really just for fun and getting better at landing the yoyo on the string. if you like large yoyos get the protostar, if you like small yoyos get the dv888.

You should get the proto star

dont waste your money on the mighty flea

This seems like a well-informed posts…


If you don’t have a decent argument for saying that something is a waste of money, don’t say that it’s a waste of money.

The flea isn’t a waste of money, it is, however, a novelty, so it’s not really a performance yoyo.

its a waste if your looking for a performance yoyo with playability