2013 Mighty Flea!!

Well, there is information about other throws listed in this section, and this one is actually up for sale, so I figured I’d post about it here too.

It seems that the design is tweaked a bit, and the engravings have changed on this new model. I have seen on the forum over and over again, questions with people asking how they can get one of these yo-yos. They added them to new releases yesterday…so they’re in stock. The engravings on the old one had that little guy pictured in the center very similar on one side…and the text on the other side as pictured. You can see that they stepped up the engraving a bit too.

I’m going to post the profile of the new one, and my old one so you can see if there’s a difference. There appears a slight shape difference here:


flea by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

fleab by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


So, anyone have the old one and getting the new one? Anyone miss getting the old one and getting the new one? Would anyone still want the old one, rather than the new one? Has anyone mastered any major tricks on this yo-yo? I for one…have not. :smiley:

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well I wasn’t yoyoing when the original one was about, but am very interested in the new one, seems like a fun and interesting challenge, and even if I can’t do a single trick on it, it’s still a fun gimmick :stuck_out_tongue: (I am aware it is relatively capable for it’s size, the potential issue is my skill level)

It is amazing to see what is done with it in the promotional video. That is a very skilled player of course, so I won’t be doing any of that, but it is a cool yo-yo. I think the Flea is on it’s third version now…correct me if I’m wrong on that. I came into yo-yoing when the last version was no longer in stock…not that long ago.

Correct, this is the 3rd version, but it’s the same design as the 2nd (I got mine in 2010). The original design was not a butterfly shape.

They can be pretty fun, but boy does the play degrade when the pads wear out!

Thanks for clearing that up, my eyes were playing tricks on me. I thought there might be a slight shape change. The photos are different sizes, so hard to tell putting them side by side even. A lot of people have been waiting for this, so they’ll have some happy customers. I’m still looking for the first version, if anyone wants to give it up. ;D I collect these tiny yo-yos, so I’d be interested in getting my hands on that one too.

I wasn’t originally planning on getting one due to the price but now that I’m seeing it and that promo video I think I’ll get it my next order and hold the other throws for later. That promo video showing that all of that really is possible on such a tiny throw has given me some determination to do some stuff on it. And even if I can’t it’s still a cool throw to have.

Anyone know if it accepts silicone and if not where to get pads? And where could I get a spare bearing? I’ll probably pick up 20 flea strings or so too, I’m guessing they don’t last too long, shorter than standard type 6 poly.

While the Mighty Flea is a cool little throw, I can’t imagine paying $65 for it. Like, can’t it be around the POPStar’s price at least? I would consider it if it was $30 or less. I have the same feeling towards the Superwide…a $65 yoyo that is basically unusable for tech. Although, I can at least see that being more expensive, just because of the cost of the materials for the massive thing.

I don’t know for sure if it accepts silicone (seems deep enough to me), but flea-type pads, bearing, and string are all in stock at YYE (go to the YYF accessories menu).

The Mighty Flea is made from steel and in the USA. They made another run of them because people wanted them. If it’s too expensive for you, just pass on it, no big deal. Tech ain’t everything.

i really want one but i cannot convince my wife that i need one bad enough to justify the price.

so im hoping that someone might have ony laying around we might be able to make a deal on :slight_smile:

thanks for the info and the pictures.

I had a dream I had one of these. I really hope it becomes a reality…

I have all three previous versions: original, 2010, and Big Deal, and love them all. Don’t know if I’ll get the new one, if nothing much has changed. At least for a little while. I believe I siliconed my 2010 version with no problem. The things are fun, I can hit just about all my tricks on them, just might need a few tries each.

I ordered one as soon as it was available in the store here. I can’t wait to get it. I’m progressing through the tricks here pretty well, but I’m struggling to string them together into any sort of combo because of YoYo tilt. I’m hoping that playing with this will improve accuracy and I’ll get better on my full sized throws.

If you get good with the Flea, it’ll definitely help, but I feel that it’s more of a novelty. If you wanted a yoyo that’s small, but still usable to help accuracy, you should’ve gone with a Popstar, or maybe a St. Eel for a little bit more cash.

Best of luck actually using the Flea for combos, that thing is so hard to use! It’s around the size of a quarter for goodness sake!

Ha! Thanks. I might still pick up a popstar, but seeing others do tricks with a flea, it must be possible. I can be a pretty determi ed dude when I really want to get something down.

So, tell me what is the difference between a Flea and the “Big Deal.” I might be looking for a big deal, I’m just not sure exactly what it is. Did the “Big Deal” morph in to the Flea?

I believe that the Big Deal has hub stacks.

And in regards to the Popstar, the smaller width only BARELY effects accuracy in my experience, so it’s not much use as a training tool. However, it’s still a fun yoyo well worth purchasing.

Thanks for explaining that. I’ve seen a Big Deal, now that I think about it. No longer in production, and I imagine hard to find at this point too. I agree that the Popstar is a nice pocket yo-yo for the price you pay.

Who is doing the tricks in the Flea video posted on the product page?

It looks like Tyler Severance to me with the arm tat. I could be wrong but that’s my guess.

It’s Tyler and Jensen.

I saw the date on his shirt or something said 2010.  So, that would make sense that the one with the tat is Tyler.  I didn’t realize there was a second guy, so I’m going to take another look.

Edit:  Definitely those two.  I was surprised the faces didn’t show, but they had to zoom in on the Flea because it’s so small.  :smiley: