Mightyy Flea Helppp! New As Todayy

Hiii Guys
I Havent Made A Post Inn Ages So I Just Wanted To Know Your Thoughts On Mighty Flea
Theyy Look Cool And I Think Ill Get One Wen Theyy Come Back In Stock:D
Writee Bakkk Pzz
:):slight_smile: Thanks

If you have the cash its a cool yoyo to own. If you can land a trick on the flea you can land it on almost any yoyo.

Ye Well Ive Been Savinn My Pennieez lolz
Errr…Meaning Its Extremely Difficult To Land Trickzz???

Or Is It Just Tooooo Small?

What Can You Compare The Gap Size To?
Wider Than A YYJ Hitman?

The mighty flea is more of a novelty yoyo. It uses extra thin string and its diameter is the size of a US (I know you live in Austrailia) quarter. About 2 1/2 centimeters. The gap is somewhere in the 2mm range I forgot.

you need PURE skills to play this tiny thingy

Ye But Do You Only Get That Special String Wenn U Buy The Yoyo?
Can You Just Buy Likke 3 Packs?
Or Does Normal String Work Too?

You can buy flea string and flea pads separately, I don’t think YYFD will actually produce more of these though, but Ben would have to confirm this himself.

You Mean They Will Not Selll Mighty Flea AnyMore!!!
And Where Do U Get The Kpads???
I No U Get The String On That Same Pagge Ryt?

You can get the pads from the place you get the yoyo; they have Flea in the name. I think they come with a few flea strings. You could also make the string; it’s just thin string.

Like someone said, the Flea is a novelty. It’s fun to mess around with, but it is indeed hard to land things. However, it isn’t impossible.

werk on yer english :wink:

You can use any string, but if it’s normal string you have to cut it down by liek 1/4. Unless you are a solid yoyo-er, or want something that will be annoying, I wouldn’t recomend the flea.

It bugs me to see people misspell words on purpose…

Please spell correctly, in order for people to help you out you need to speak or at least type proper grammar.



thats what she said 8)

sorry but it was too perfect

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thats what i was trying to say

who she

I worked on my english overnight so now im okay:)
is mighty flea good? does anyone own one here? if you do please tell me your thoughts on it:)
is it really that annoying? How hard out of 10 would it be to land double or nothing?:Plol
I will prob just get it anyway but i need to know this:)
It is unresponsive right???:open_mouth:
What Can i compare the gap size too??? write back please

You did already ask those questions. Yes it’s unresponsive, and the gap is somewhat large relative to the size of the yoyo. I think someone else in this topic answered that with a number, 2 mm maybe? It’s in this topic if you just look around.

ok, so I got to use a responsive one, and even gravity pulling it back to your hand takes a few tries. A double or nothing, being a 1 for em on a standard yoyo, was mabey a 5. So it’s not extremely hard to use for beginer tricks, just be wary if you wanted to like spirit bomb with it :P.

Just a question, if you make the flea string by yourself, how many strands would you use? I use 8 total strands right now, 4 rounds. Would you just use 4 strands and 2 rounds?

You just use a lot less, sometimes half of the usual. You could try with 2 wraps.