Mighty Flea Review!

The Mighty Flea is a great little Unresponsive stainless steel yoyo. I just got mine a couple days ago. When you open the Priority Mail Box, The mighty flea itself is in a little black pouch with a couple replacement strings in it along with the quarter sized yoyo itself. When you pick it up, You will notice that it is VERY heavy, Comparing it with my genesis, It feels like the Mighty Flea weights more even know it doesn’t actually… The Mighty Flea uses special Strings, Bearings, Axles And Response Pads. When you throw it first the first time, You will notice that it makes a cute little buzz noise. People seem to take 2 different turns when they get the Mighty Flea. Some people regret getting it for a while, some love it! I personally loved it! Its very hard to land tricks with it, But recreates the fun challenge of learning again. Binding it can be hard. but then you get the hang of it. For me, every time i look at it i kinda laugh and feel happy inside, Its such a fun little thing! The sleep time on it, for an average throw is not the best. But every yoyoer is different, Some can sleep it for 3 minutes. The Mighty Flea strings are very short and thin, Im 5 foot 2 and its shorter than my average string size. It being shorter and thinner, It does not last as long as a normal string. PM me if you have any deeper questions about it!