A Mighty Flea Review! (Also my first review)

Ok guys I got the Mighty Flea in the mail today along with some string and a YYE shirt.

Now this is my first review so forgive me if it stinks.

When I picked up the Mighty Flea, I was amazed by how much it weighed considering its size. The first few throws were a little awkward and a regreted getting it a little. It was leaning, impossible to catch, impossible to throw a breakaway. This, however, was because I was not used to the string length, and the string itself. I think it may have also been because of how much it weighed for its size. BUT, after you get used to all this, which only takes about 15 throws(if that) then it becomes addicting to play with, and i mean ADDICTING. It is an absolute blast to play. You cant help but smile when your throwing this yoyo. As all of you may think, “Its gonna be really hard to land on the string!”, well your right. It is hard to land on the string at first. So far ive only been able to do a plastic whip, atomic bomb, ripcord, and wormhole on it. It truly does get you consecutive hitting the string and straightening your throw, pretty much just perfecting and working out any “flaws” you may have in your play. I havent quite got the breakaway down, as it takes some time to figure out how to hold the thing considering its so small. This yoyo is an absolute must have in my opinion. I was having a terrible day today and then it came. The second I threw this thing a grin appeared on my face, this yoyo will bring large amounts of joy to any thrower who is lucky enough to play one. As you read above I mentioned that I regret getting it a little, well i dont now! After a few throws you will fall in love with it. The only thing I regret is not getting another one!!!

I believe this yoyo should come with label that says:

WARNING: This yoyo contains and provides massive amounts of joy and entertainment for hours…and hours. DO NOT PLAY IF YOU DONT LIKE JOY AND FUN

This yoyo is truly amazing, I love it. Now despite any negative things you read in this review it is a great throw. Now, the reason some parts of the review may sound negative is because I, myself, am still getting used to it. But I know several things for sure:

  1. I love this yoyo.
  2. YOU need to get one before there all gone.
  3. Read the first two again.

I highly recommend the Mightly Flea. I do suggest that your atleast in the Advanced sections before getting it. As it could throw off a beginner and frustrate them.

GET THE MIGHTY FLEA! im actually tempted to get a second one! :wink:

Ok thats my review. Like I said, it was my very first review ever so im sorry if it wasnt all that great :stuck_out_tongue: :-[ :frowning:

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Can’t wait for mine :wink:

I was just about to order one today with my birthday money. I guess this means I should get one. Thanks for the review.

nice review keep it up :wink:

Good review honest and very strait forward, Thanks :slight_smile:

I want a Flea that loops - no wings, just a black, anodized sphere. With black string.

Great Review!

Great review! But try to split that lump of words into smaller paragraphs, makes it easier to read ;D

Great review. I love my Flea. I just got it Tuesday and can’t put it down. It sleeps forever and its density is unbelievable.

Great review, keep it up. :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]

This reviem makes me want the Flea, which i suppose is one of the points by making a review. Anyways, GIVE ME YOUR FLEA