mighty flea

i might get a mighty flea. is it good as well as small? is it too hard to use to be fun?

Hard. Not really. It does take practice though. Really fun! Can get frustrating, and hard to catch Wrist Whip.

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It is hard to do string tricks with a lot of landings without missing a landing, though. But overall, it’s a pretty fun little yoyo.

Yeah but the strings break really fast, like in an hour or two If you play with it alot.

Fun yoyo, not my cup of tea but it is fun! If you get one, make sure to put some k-9 advantage on so you wont get a flea bite!

You can make flea string by removing a thread

i have it its more of a collection yoyo than a performance though yyj has a yoyo called mini… and micro… (sorry i dont remember) that are really small but dont sacrifice playabilitie same with yyf popstar but im sorry to tell u this one does, it doesnt spin more than 30 sec.
but it is pretty cool


Mega necro!