Mighty Flea thoughts?

Soo…I was lookin at the Mighty Flea and I was like hmmmm will this be fun?

So can anyone give me some info about it, playability and funability and stuffz?

Thanks for the help anyone!

gm user should be able to help :wink:

I’m getting one shipped to me tomorrow so I could answer this like Wednesday or Thursday.

I really like their play actually, it might sound weird, but they sleep for a long time and I can do all my tricks on it. Ya, it takes practice and all, but it’s really fun once you get the hang of it.

PS: I got Samad’s Flea.

Thanks for the help! Im probly going to buy one of these! Itll be fun as a pocket yoyo lol and ill have it everywhere i go! WEEEE! lol

For sure worth getting. Totally different and really really fun and I think it makes you a better player if you spend time with it. Get lots of extra string as they are heavy for how small they are.

Haha, I forgot to mention that, they are a whole different style. Oh, and if you don’t want to get that much string, get some Perfect Fit Flea String. Samad gave me five, I have not had to change one yet.

The Mighty Flea is fun, but not my cup of tea. If you do get it, buy some K-9 Advantage so you won’t get a flea bite! :smiley:

but if you get one take care of it my friend had one and lost it in one week

Where can i get this perfect fit flea string?

PM Jeromy K. But you can also buy some of the Flea String I make, PM me if you would like.

It is Very fun! Feels smaller than a quarter itself.

is the string here on yye for fleas any good?

Those will break pretty quick…

I’m sure it’ll get a crowd going!