Opinions on the Mighty Flea?

Title explains… just ordered one to always have a tiny yoyo in my pocket to de stress me…


I think the concept is really cool, but I find it just too hard to use to be fun for very long.

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I love mine! Hops and boings are the best feeling on it imo, it really helps tighten things up, and if you have a big yoyo, play with the mighty flea for like an hour, then switch to the big one, and it feels way cool!

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Thanks for your comments!..

How about compared with the Heist or the C3 Token?..

Doesn’t work like that. But there really great for your pants. Dont mess around get a big deal. Or I just found the executive that’s a pocket throw. Jmtc.

Who makes ‘The Executive’?..

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@docpop makes it, see the YYE page for it.

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Ernest Kahn & Doc Pop. Machined by Onedrop, I believe.

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I love my Flea. It is ALWAYS in my pocket, not matter what else I have in there!

For me the huge advantage The Flea has over other throws, is that it uses a short string. This makes it great for playing it while waiting in line, or anywhere you have less space. You can even play it sitting down!

Two things that have made The Flea much “MIghtier” for me are: Flowable Silicone, and an Angel Hair string.

Those K-Pads just don’t grip very well. I never felt like they allowed me to get a very good spin. I used Monkey Snot on mine, and it’s soooo much better!

Angel Hair string is almost as thin as the Flea string, and pretty much you’ll put one on, and never have to change it. I just wash mine from time to time.

Not sure what’s out that’s comparable to the Angel Hair. Maybe String Theory, but I think it’s slightly thicker. I will say those are both a pain to break in, but after that, they last indefinitely. I’ve got more than I’ll use in a lifetime if anyone wants to try it.

I would love to have a Big Deal…


I’d love to try the angel hair… can you email some to me - I’m sure postage would be prohibitive :stuck_out_tongue:

hooks are fun on small yoyos

The yoyofreaks hashtags hastag mono is great as well. I have both the mighty flea and mono and I would take the mono

Flowable silicone has made mine much mightier too.

You know what else would be mighty?

A new Mighty Flea with low walls.

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Yeah! That would be great!

Ummm, most people ask other’s opinions before they buy something.

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From what I’ve seen, that doesn’t seem to necessarily be true!

My advise… don’t use it for 4A


I found the mighty flea to be mostly unplayable. Other than a few short tricks, it was more like a novelty than a real yo-yo.


Maintenance is also horrendous with it. The bearings need cleaning very often and the pads included wear out in less than 1 hour of playtime.

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