Mighty flea! Pros and cons

I have not personally played a mighty flea, but I am looking to buy one… Can anyone give me some pros and cons for it since I haven’t played with it before. Any pros and cons will be appreciated, since I am fairly interested in it.

Yo Hammy98

I find that the mighty flea is a nice little throw. I think it would help you get consistent with landing tricks like Eli hops and spirit Bomb. It will certainly help you nail those tricks. I like that it is small enough to comfortably fit in your pocket.

Saying that though, it’s not the best micro throw. It is difficult getting used to it, but purserverence will guarantee good results. I think it’s a bit of a pain that it uses a special type of string but if you buy a couple hundred it’ll do you for a while.

It’s a great throw for what it does if not a bit gimmicky. I think every yoyoer should at least try one at some point. There are some really impressive vids on YouTube showing its true potential.

I’d say look at the Aoda Littles. It’s not as small as the Mighty Flea, but costs a quarter of the price and doesn’t require special string. The Mighty Flea is great if your goal is to find the smallest usable yoyo possible, but that’s also a con as it’s, ya know, really small.

I agree. I prefer my Littles way more. It’s more afordable and if you’ve never used a micro throw it could be a good intermediate choice to get used to the size. A nice little player.

I really enjoy the popstar as well. Idk if its quite as small as the aoda littles but it’s good practice and its a good little throw

just fyi…cute looking but very frustrating to play. Just providing a bit of insight based on my personal experience of having one: 1) solid feeling for a yoyo that small (its got weight for a yoyo this small)
2) binds can be very frustrating, you need to relearn how to do it based on back to square one mindset,
3) Not the most stable of yo-yos that fall into the micro territory,
4) Need patience…heck lots of it!
5)Needs special strings…lots of it and be very careful with the axel n bearings (they are fragile)
In conclusion, if you wanna delve into the small yoyo category, you are much better off with popstar, campfire, dingo or ILYY StEel.
Just my two cents, hope it helps.

Thank you for the input everyone! I will look into some of those other throws.


It’s really really small

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