Aoda little > Mighty flea/big deal

Anyone else also think that the aoda little is far better than the mighty flea? Albeit not as small it’s small enough and a quarter of the price. Personally I found the aoda little funner to play with anyways.

I’ve never played a little, but I got my mighty flea as a collector’s item, something to show my friends, and for fun.

Oh I got the little for fun aswell, it’s nowhere near a serious throw but it’s much cheaper for the same effect.

Smallest yo-yo I have is my Micro Mo. Pretty fun.

My yoyoer friends really enjoy throwing the mighty flea because its so small and fun

I’ve never tried a Aoda little but I want to someday

I don’t think they really compare, the flea is tiny even compared to the little. For comparison here is an 888, a little and a flea.

A flea is really tiny, it fits inside a Littles:
Microthrows3 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


The littles is a blast. After that pic though need to get a flea.

Thanks for the photo, Totalartist…really puts things in perspective. That flea is nutty small!

Thanks Greg P. I started a collection of small throws. That photo includes the Flea, Littles, Pixy, St.Eel, Micro Mo, Popstar and Token. I’m going to take another photo and add a Dingo and Ministar for kicks. :wink:

which of the small throws are your favorites and why?

It would be cool if you took picture with your smallest to largest
Yoyos in a really big row

It makes the token and the popstar look huge!!

I really wish the Shuriken was still around.

That was a tiny throw that was a BLAST!


^ That video was so funny! Very cute little yo-yo. Wish I could get my hands on one!

Ettore is always awesome, period.

True that
I’ve watched just about all his videos, I really wish bist made more publicly accessible yoyos. I’ve always wanted to check out the burger, square, and axle-less yoyo.

Thanks for the notice.

I’d lose it…