mighty flea worth it?

Is the mighty flea worth it? i am an avanced thrower. 8)

I know for me, it was definitely not. :frowning:

Only if you just plan on looking at it.

yeah i heard that it sucked to.

which is a shame cause i really wanted one. but the fact that you have to use special string and friction stickers with it is a NO for me.

i hope that yoyofactory comes out with something that’s similar in size but better performing.

fingers crossed.

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Took me 3 throws to get a double or nothing. If you want a undersized yoyo, do a Mini Mo-tu.

:Dthnx, evreybody! u just saved me a wasted $44!!!

For me it is worth 3 times the price. It is so fun to throw and you can’t compare it to other yo-yos because it is NOT. They are sold out anyway.

If you expect a yo-yo less than half the size to perform like a full size yo-yo you are dreaming. Mighty Flea, and its soon to be released follow up effort are unique throws, for people looking for something different. It does require skill to operate but skilled players can perform almost any trick they can on a full sized yo-yo with a mighty flea :slight_smile:

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