Tiny yoyo in the world!!!

Check this out! Its a YoyoFactory Mighty Flea yoyo, a tiny yoyo in the world. Go check it out in Yoyonation.com, find out what it looks like!!! :o

Happy Throwing! =]

Pics takin by benamin Mcphee, coowner of yyf.

I got one myself.

michal how does the mighty flea play?

and how much does it cost? I want one. :stuck_out_tongue:

$45 is how much it cost.

Happy Throwing

good lord. thats expencive

Thats really cheap for an all metal yo-yo actually. I haven’t got mine yet so I don’t know how it plays. I think its sold out currently.

Anyone make any vids? I wanna see it in action =)

none yet that i know of.

but really you might as well buy a DM or a yoyo that isnt pocket sized with that money.

Not necessarily, there haven’t been any reviews and I haven’t received mine yet to see how it plays. Besides its about personal preference anyway. I would rather have a might flea because its exotic and I’ve never seen anything like it, where as I have used/tried most of yyj’s metal rimmed yoyo’s.

I agree with 17x. you want to buy a yo its your money buy what you want. I’m gonna try to get one of these some time too.

I don’t want to buy that yoyo,OK! Plus I just want to let you know there’s a tiny yoyo.

Happy Throwing! =]

They’re some videos of the flea on youtube.


AHHAHAAH His counter-weight is bigger than the flea!!!

Oh cool, thanks! ;D

Happy Throwing! =]

I just got a flea and because giving it a normal revew with ratings and stuff dosnt seam ritght to me i think il just describe it quickly, the flea is a suprisingly heavy yoyo for its size (more weight than a meteor) and feels really funny when you first get it, it is rreeaallyy difficult to play, especilly because it comes responsive, and the fact that you have to cut replacment string to make it the rite size (don’t worry i’ll post a toutorial of how to cut yoyo string) the yoyo’s response is the inside of a kentaro pad, so i don’t know how ill replace it when the time comes, but in the end, this yoyo is kinda fun(i reomend breaking in the bearing then drenching it with thin lube)

now ill post a kissy face cause i never have and i kinda want oo :-*

ok that is just rediculos i mean the counter weight is bigger thats just too small to really play with =/


I guess it’s kind of a novelty, and a “neat to have” item. I dont think it’s made to be your main yoyo of choice. So the fact that it i unique and actually works quite well, by the look of the video, is what makes it worth the high price. Not that I would spend 45 bucks on it, but for the yoer that has everything…