2010 MIGHTY flea

alright ladies and gentlemen. I just looked at the new mighty flea yoyo. YYE sells it for a price of $65. so. i thought that was a bit “out of proportion” considering it is so small. SO i checked out YYN and they sell it for $45! thats 20 bucks less! So here’s the question, are they the same yoyo? or is the YYN one like last years model? i mean i could understand if it was only like a $5 difference but $20!? theres gotta be something up with that. I would appreciate it if i could get some answers people!

the new version is butterfly shaped and the old one was “modified imperial”, and there are stacked and stackless versions of the new ones.

The 45$ one from YYN is last years model. If you keep on checking the “new releases” tab youll see that they have not released the new one yet. They will probably have it soon, and most likely same price.

yeah sorry. i just had a quick glance at YYN’s. But later when i went back and took a good look i found it was last year’s. sorry guys. ::slight_smile: