LF CLYW Gnarwhal Palli edition, I'll pay a lot

I have only bin yoyoing for half a year or so and in the beginning I ordered some high quality yoyos just because I thought they looked cool and so ::slight_smile: Now that I have actually been yoyoing for some time I have discovered what I like and what I don’t.

As the headline says I’m offering a YYF Mighty Flea 2010.

YYJ Trinity Black goes for 70$ (Tiny scratch shown in picture, with box) yoyonatio price is 89.99 GONE

MIB Mighty flea 2010 goes for 55$ shipped to anywhere for 5$ (new price is 70$)

Dif-E-Yo size C Ceramic Konkave bearing (Size approx 250 x .500 x .188) 25$ (Euro-yo price is 30$) GONE

I accept paypal

Or if you have something interesting to trade with give me an offer :slight_smile: I’m ONLY interested in metal.

Let the fight begin ;D

As it says above, if you have a CLYW Palli Puffin Gnarwhal you want to sell, I’ll buy it. I’ll pay much $$$ within reasonable limits :wink: I’m just a normal mortal after all :smiley:

Please PM or email me. If I am to buy a last yoyo in my life let it be this one :slight_smile:

BUMP the Flea is back up for sale/trade :slight_smile:

ill give you a blue protostar or a part blue and part green pgm

wow cool deal part green part blue pgm i know one thing id do it :wink: not that i have a mighty flea

Sorry, but as it say in the add I’m only interested in metal :wink:

ill give both

Thanks but no thanks…metal or 50$ please