Is the new flea worth it?

I got to try an old flea at the ohio states and I really want to buy the new one now that you can purchase them
But is it really worth the 65 bucks for it?

It is a novelty… If you have a functioning flea someone might even trade the new for the “classic” depending on preferences.

Well, $86 when you get the 100 strings that are specific to it and ship it all. It all depends really. I wanted one, but I will probably wait until I get some extra junk cash around.

It’s a fun tiny thing. I had some extra cash and decided to pick one up at my local toy shop. Weird at first, but fun once you get the hang of it. You can get it through some tough stuff after enough playtime. I’ve been able to hit Ladder Escape on it

Also, the new model is the same as the 2010 one. Just different graphics, so if you’ve played the old one, you’ve played the new :stuck_out_tongue:
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here are a few things i thought would help make your choice to buy or not a little more cut and dry.

  1. can you afford the flea? (that means an extra bearing, and strings with shipping).
  2. do you honestly see yourself playing with the flea? (that video is really awesome watching the player throw the flea.)
  3. would you have any buyers remorse after your purchase?
  4. will your parents or spouse get angry for spending so much on such a little throw?

hopefully i will be able to get past #3 & #4 in the near future and be able to purchase one, i wish you luck on your decision and hope that if you do buy you can be fully happy with the flea as it looks like a really fun little throw!

As you can see, the Mighty Flea is tiny, so, it probably wouldn’t be your “go-to” throw. I’m sure it would be fun to mess around with and show-off to friends or whomever will pay attention to you.

Basically, it just comes down to:

Can you afford it?

I’d say it would be worth it, assuming you have other yoyos to use when you get tired of how tiny this thing is. It is a novelty but at least it’s a functioning novelty.

Its the size of a quarter… So no. Not super functional…

Totally functional!

Whether it’s worth it to you is all subjective, though. To me, a fully-functional quarter-sized yoyo plus extra strings and ideally an extra bearing… that’s totally worth $50 to me. Emphasis on those last two words.

I don’t think it’s worth ~$90 to me.

If any of you are getting rid of your 2010 models, hit me up. :wink:

It’s a fully functional yoyo. The size is irrelevant.

I’m probably going to buy one just for kicks and giggles

Due to the size, it’s an extreme challenge, but it’s otherwise a very functional and capable yoyo.

1: You’ve never played one
2: Your skill level isn’t sufficient enough to handle this yoyo. That is my situation.

Because it’s so small, it’s guaranteed to not be liked by everyone. For me, it’s an item I have in my collection and something I am working towards mastering. I mean, let’s think about how awesome it would be to have such a tiny pocket yoyo always ready and available and ideal for cramped situations or other times when space isn’t in abundance, as well as just for having a good time with?

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Do you absolutely have to use the specific string for it or can you use any string?

it would seem so, the string for the flea is shorter and thinner.

I’ve seen people with the old flea using regular string, and its really hard to wind

I got mine in the mail on Monday. It definitely is a fully functioning throw, but it is difficult to use. It is far less stable than a full sized throw, obviously, but it makes you be more precise with everything. I can correct sloppiness when doing say, a zipper with my Rally, but with this, if you’re off just the tiniest bit, it spins out. Also, at first it was very difficult to catch :smiley:

I have the last version of the Flea with the different engravings. I recommend you do the tricks you are the most proficient at executing first. Any trick that seems super easy to you now, do that on the Flea when you first get it. It may take a few tries to land even that though. Do one trick at a time, until you can put a little Flea combo together. When I first threw the Flea, I was happy just doing a trapeze and his brother on it. I was shocked I was landing that on that tiny thing. But, when you do land even easy tricks on it, it’s a neat feeling…and weird. Definitely worth it to me. If you are somewhere bored, and have that Flea in your pocket, you will have plenty of time to get good on it and practice. I see it as an added challenge presented just by owning that specific yo-yo.

No, if you want a small yoyo just get a micro mo. It’s ten dollars cheaper and plays so much better.

But with a micro mo you can’t say, “this is the size of a quarter.”

Anyways, the mighty flea is just a joy to use. The feeling of the little string dragging along your fingers as the dense little thing flies around is a feeling like no other yoyo. It’s not as hard as you’d expect when playing it, when I first got it the only real problem I had was throwing it and binding. After a while it gets more comfortable and fun to throw. I recommend it to anyone who has the money and wants a new experience.

I wouldn’t recommend this. It’s really not being undersized that makes the thing so special. It’s HOW undersized.
Micro mo may be more easy to use but it’s not the same from not really being the novelty the flea is.
Also, if you were to get something instead of the flea, I’d rather get the pixy than the micro mo.