The Mighty Flea - Awnsered

Thanks For All Your Great Answers!

It’s small and you will think you stink at YoYoing attempting a trapeze…

It’s really hard. And you have to use flea string…

Hold and throw the yoyo near the tip of your fingers, it’s hard to throw it with you’re whole hand like a normal yoyo.

I feel like you only threw it for a few minutes. Give it 10 throws, you will get used to it. I am borrowing a friends and I love it. I might buy it off him if he will sell it to me cheap. I’m going to buy a flea one way or another.

Most fun yoyo I have ever played.

Don’t get it.

Why? He wants it?

It takes some getting use dto. Get the 100 pack of flea strings, they have a shorter lifespan than yye poly, get 2 or 3 replacement pads

It. Knots. all. The. Time.

But I love it! It’s pretty standard, but smaller. So maintenance shouldn’t be a problem. Just keep a paper clip handy for those pesky bind knots.

Also, you’ll need more string within a week, so stock up :smiley:

I think I figured out why it might not know for me. I play the flea frontstyle. I can’t do sidestyle with it. Maybe that’s why my binds aren’t always knotting, because I am not that good at yoyo in general.

Yeah that’s probably it. I find myself doing side style more with it. (super fun doing spirit bomb with it)
But when I switched to front style, it knotted hardly at all! So I started mainly doing front style. But it still knots now and again. And it’s still fun doing ss with it. I don’t know, it’s fun :slight_smile:

I always wanted to ask this. Anyone able to snap start a Flea? I can’t…it’s so tiny. I wind it up the old way.

I’ve managed it once or twice, but purely by luck, and I definitely can’t hand start it because it’s WAAAAAY to small to wrap my fingers around

Ah, just making sure I’m not the only one. They don’t make Flea size string in black. I may unwind some normal black string and make my own Flea string. I wonder if that will work fine. Is anyone using regular string with the Flea?

I would imagine it would be no harder than landing on a looping yoyo…?

It’s kind of weird, but there’s something that is “different” than that even. It’s hard to describe, because your eyes are picking up this tiny little thing swinging around instead of something the diameter of a looper. It depends a lot on skill level too. I can land tricks that I am super duper proficient at, but if I’m still missing the trick quite a bit, it is really, really hard on the Flea. The fun is that you keep trying to land tricks on it anyway…and when you hit it, it’s this awesome feeling that you did it. It presents a new challenge.

I can with the really old version.
With the crappy new version I can’t though.

I only own the last version, and have not bought the one that was just released yet. Are there only 2 versions that exist? What do you think the difference is that allows you to start one and not the other? :-\

They are exactly the same except for engravings.

I snap start it… (ーー;)

It’s just (IMHO) Something that isn’t really worth 60 bucks.