mighty flea

I am just wondering, is the mighty flea worth it. I want one but don’t know if it is a waste of money. I think I can make string for it so that is not a problem. Is the response OK.

the mighty flea is mostly for you know showing off to people. its had to play with but will defiantly get peoples attention. and as for the response it has mini Kentaro Pads that are cut down do it shouldn’t be to responsive. later.

keep it spinning

I wouldn’t get a flea if you’re looking to get a good player. It is unresponsive and more of a collector’s item.

No, I don’t think mighty flea is worth it, because you’re going to have a hard time to land the string(s) with a mighty flea, you really have to practice hard/more with the mighty flea yoyo to become better with it, mighty flea yoyo is another level, because its small, a little wide, and people will know that you are a pro. I know its cool/small that people will be amaze.

Happy Throwing! =]

I personally think it is worth it. It is very fun, and it can actually help you get smoother with hard tricks if you practice with it. Its not a main player though. And actually have been playing a flea, believe it or not its not hard to land on the string.

does the mighty flea come with an extra axle or do you have to buy one I think I might get one because I want something challenging, I know it will be hard, but everyone says there are fun once you get over the fact that you can’t do any tricks.

What do you mean you cant do any tricks? I can pretty much do all of mine.

if you want a mighty flea my friend is selling his (mint condition) for 35

no I don’t want to buy his, I would rather buy retail, and I maen you have to get used to it, and then after awhile you will get better.

Mighty Flea comes inside a plastic bubble with 2 flea string, a spare axle and a little soft bag.
YoYoExpert have the new stainless steel mighty fleas in. I find them to be smoother than earlier runs.

Are these the ones with the engravings?

No, they are releasing a second run of them. YYFBen says there were improvements made, and laser engraving added. So I definitely think they are worth it if you like something like that, but I would wait for the second runs to ship, should be in about a couple weeks. I’ll see if I can find the link on the YYN forums and post it.


I know about that. Which is why I was asking if those were the Fleas YYE has right now.

Yes I forgot Samad, you know everything. I wasn’t talking to you though. So…

thanks guys. I can’t wait to get one eventually

Did you read my post?

Happy Throwing! =]

But the way you said it made me imply that you were speaking to me. It would be easier to quote who you are talking to.

I am assuming he did, but I think he still decided to get one, regardless of what most of us said :wink:

My bad on that one, I actually didn’t mean it to be towards you Samad . I sorta scrolled past most of the replies, even YYFBen’s lol. I meant to say not to buy one unless it is the second run with the engraving, not “no” to you. Sorry :-\

No, it was my bad for acting cocky.

Back on topic!

yea, I am gonna wait for the engraved ones it says it has a new string/pad setup and I think it is made of stainless steel. sweet