How's the Mighty Flea?


It looks small… and impossible to use. But that’s just me and I haven’t used it before. If anyone has this it would be cool to read a review on it.


look for a review. it’s that easy. It’s usable, but nigh impossible to hit crazy thing’s such as iwasawa tower and other crazy stuff


I have a Mighty Flea. The tech in me can’t resist it. Small and functional. However, in the hands of a still learning noob such as myself, it’s a novelty. My objective is to be able to actually use this little throw and do stuff, but I’m a LONG ways from that.

Let’s put it this way, it’s strengths are finding YOUR weaknesses. This is about the size of a US Quarter and it feels heavy but it doesn’t play heavy. Lots of weight in a small place means it feels heavy being held, but playing, it feels balanced. But, if you’re not dead on with what you can do, this yoyo is going to humble you real fast. But that’s good. I like using smaller throws as opposed to my full/oversized. Shows me where I could improve. BUt as small as I go is my Aoda Littles.

I’m glad I have it, but I haven’t touched it in months. I’m not ready for it.

(Raphael) #4

Its fun. like Studio said, it’s a novelty. It is hard to use, but it is fun. I haven’t gotten that much play time on it, but I do feel like buying one. Also it looks pretty cool.


i didnt really like it. I found that it snagged a lot on binds, and the stacks (I had the big deal) got in the way a lot

(DOGS) #6

The Big Deal is to be avoided. The stacks slow down and mess with the spin far too much for it to be usable.

On the other hand, the Mighty Flea is totally awesome, once you get the feel for it. It WILL be incredibly frustrating for the first few hours, and even first few days. I assure you, though, it is really fin once you get past the learning curve.

Those who say it’s unusable or that it is a bad yoyo definitely don’t know it’s purpose, and have no patience to learn how to use it properly.


If you play too look cool, or do the “hardest” tricks you likly will gain no fun from the yoyo, unless you are so good you can do crazy stuff with it, in which case you can show off with it.
If you like too yoyo for the fun of doing tricks, and landing stuff you think you couldn’t, or just (like for me) figuring out the puzzle of it, then this yoyo may be the most fun yoyo you ever hold.
Review for me would be this yoyo plays better then two quarters but is about the same size. :wink: Have fun.