Mighty Flea Theory!!!

I was thinking about this today after deciding to order a Mighty Flea for my birthday. I looked up the specs. With the yoyo being so small, would this work out some flaws in your playing style, such as keeping consistent on the string, landing the yoyo in the middle of the gap, and other things.

Also, I would like to mention that I have been yoyoing for 1 month and 2 weeks, for about 4 hours in weekdays and 6-8 on weekends… And I am at Advanced Part 2/Expert Part 1.

With all this mentioned, would this be a good buy to improve my playstyle and hone my tricks?

Yes it will.

I think it will be a great buy and you’ll love it.

The Mighty Flea is a great way to practice tricks. If you can land it on the Mighty Flea, you can land it on any other yoyo pretty much. :smiley:

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wanna do a video battle with me

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Honestly. The Mighty Flea was my second yoyo I bought. I would say that is the reason I bought it, but, i just really just liked the idea of it. I have small hands and thought this would also be good for me… I had only been yoyoing for like 2 weeks. I still cant do all the tricks on a mighty flea I can do regularly, but I still love to mess around with it.
A great buy.

My first unresponsive yoyo was a Dingo (another mini yoyo) and I loved it. It definitely does require more precision, but once you learn how to bind it’s not that hard.

My only reservation about a Mighty Flea is that it’s tiny enough to need it’s own special string, so if you need string you have to get Mighty Flea string. Otherwise, the Mighty Flea looks mighty fun.

If you don’t like the string available, you could make your own

I bought mine as a novelty and that’s all it is. It is fun to play with for a few minutes here and there but for a second yoyo I would go for one of the “heavy hiters”.

you will love it!

i would find myself agitaited i would miss the string alot… my freinds popstar though is really good as a small small yoyo