Favorite YYF yoyo

What about your DNA? It seems like you’ve just forgotten about it ever since you got your ProtoStar.

I am all about my Primo, it is just so super smooth.

G5 by far.

My 888 B-Grade, ProtoStar and 888x. Superstar is pretty good, too. My dv888 sometimes. Protoege; don’t have it but it’s an amazing throw.

Like a BOSS ;D

888x O0

Because it was way before it’s time, gave a new outlook on yoyoing. turned into a great yoyo to mod and just fits the hand perfect. If it wasn’t for the fast technology I doubt you’d see shuttle response like the 401k, PPK, Velocity and others.

pgm stackless enven thouh i have a g5 wich is my lest fac

Out of all the YYFs I have tried and own, I always come back to my Boss. My old 888 Classic was absolutely amazing too and I’m missing it dearly right about now… :’(

I love the 888x. ;D

jensen kimmit superstar all day ;D my dv888 was my first all metal and i still use it all the time

my awesome 44!!!

I would say Genesis and DNA …

sadly the only yyf yoyo that i have seen in front of me is the loop 720. i have never played with any yyf though. :’(

haven’t tried any yet. i will this week when my order comes in ;D

hopefulley i will be able to try one at SCR on the 24th ;D


California 2010 yaaa

genesis…but you knew that :wink:

Yes, we know that.
And tyler is in love with his severe, and augie with his boss.
Yeah, genesis is great. . .
It’s true miggy, you’re awesome.
Hope to see more signature from YYF.