Favorite YYF yoyo

I’ve played a ton of YYF. The only one I really like is the Skyline. It’s absolutely fantastic.

i have lunatic dv888, pgm2, and 888x and thought i would only play yyf forever but i just got my gnarwhal, and i dont think i would get anything else but a protostar. but out of them the 888x is my favorite throw besides my gnarwhal

Catch 22? :stuck_out_tongue:
Or… The… 2010 Severe. It’s as big as a Dreadnought zomg?

Wider than a Dreadnought, but a smaller diameter.

glad you like it

Mine would be capless 2009 severe

Is it really? On the product description page it says the Severe is .85mm thinner than the Dreadnought (or is that still Severe 2009 specs?). Either way I’ll have to give it a try next time I’m at YoYo Joe’s. I saw a couple Wavelengths up there last weekend but didn’t even remember to try them :o

401k and the g5

The '10 Severe is like 44mm wide. Not sure about the Dreadnought though.

45mm according to YYE’s product page. Still cutting it close though. Either one is super wide.

superstar, but the only reason it says my favorite yoyo is a G5 is because i dont OWN a superstar. just use my friends :smiley:


protostar genesis and boss and skyline

Protostar all the way.

keep spinning



2010 Severe and Protege right now.

mines between the protostar and the 888x

Skyline, C13 and Frantic.

either the protege or the protostar

Superstar all day
;D :o

Not gonna lie, just got my 900’s and am in love with them. Gonna start training my off hand to loop as soon as I get back home from the summer job this afternoon.