wats the deal yyf?

How would you know how much i know about yoyo’s? They take similar shapes and make new yoyos change weight or make a small change and give it a new name. they play different and feel different but are all similar.

That don’t look or play the same. It’s Yoyoexpert’s camera. They are making awesome, quality, top performing yoyos. That’s what’s up.

While it’s not fair to say that all of the yoyos are the same, they are similar.

Why reinvent the wheel after all? FInd a shape that works, and tweak it tweak it tweak it! Add weight, remove weight, make the diameter bigger, smaller, make it wider, make it skinnier. They aren’t all the same, not by a long shot, but the shapes do remain similar. They all play like seperate beasts, no matter how close the spcs are.

And X52, I’m curious as to how the cameras at YYE make all the yoyos appear the same shape?

They play different and feel different but it is similar? Are you saying that if the yoyo’s shape and the looks is similar that makes them similar yoyo? Are you going to accuse every new yoyo by sayin "Oh my gawd!! Dat j0j0 is fill in the blank!!! U guys copied it!!!

Wai- What?! That made no sense

IMHO YYF is on top of their game, and they are innovative. They seem to be producing top notch yoes at many price levels and categories while keeping the competition on their toes. For example they make the great Superstar and then come out with a plastic Protostar for 35 bucks keeping the form factor similar but more affordable. YYF tweaks also keep the second hand market (BST) active.

Also YYF is catering to the competitive side with their signature yoes and giving us many different colorways to choose from. I enjoy it all.

When I became interested in yoing a few months ago I thought whats up with all these yoes? Whats so different about them? What a surprise! :slight_smile:

Alright bro let me explain, They all take on the same shape and the design BUT They make it a little bigger or a little smaller or a little heavier or a little lighter Stacks then no stacks. Little tweaks is what there doing to a popular shape.

And I see nothing wrong with that.
I mean I love the shape of the protostar but I hate the fact that it is full size.
And yoyofactory came up with small diameter protostar! Bam! that solves my problem.
I love the shape of genesis but hate that it is full size.
There coming up with the new yoyo that looks like genesis but is smaller. Bam! that solves that problem.
The point is, making popular shape and changing the spec based on what customer wants to see is a good move and I think yoyofactory should keep doing that.

Exactly. Did I ever say it was a bad thing? No. I just answered BB’s Question. and i was not wrong. case closed

there all da same design but different sizes and weights

Dude you really need to learn to use grammar…

Yeah, I know. LOL.

All yoyos are pretty similar, and I don’t here you complaining about how similar the DM, Legacy, and Trinity are.

And when you try to think of yoyos that are nothing like anything else, the Mighty Flea comes to mind. Guess who came up with that idea?

Some designs just work well. If you want to spend a bunch of money on a BIST yoyo that looks really different, go ahead. Nothing plays as well as YYF.

And you make it pretty obvious that you don’t know much about yoyos because you are complaining about a thing that shouldn’t be complained about. I bet you haven’t even tried half the yoyos you are complaining about. And I bet that if you did, you would realize that your complaints are ridiculous.

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OMG!!! Thank you so, so much! I know, he’s always like that!! Yoyojam yoyos are so similar to each other. Yoyofactory yoyos all have different shapes, and you have to look at them in real life to actually compare them accurate. The pictures on Yoyoexpert make the gap look different some times on like the 2010 Severe.

Ok, First off I never complained about anything. BB asked a question and i answered it! I have played with many of the yyf yoyos and i love them, there my favorite company. He asked why they all looked so similar so i answered. I did not complain about anything. and x52 you shouldn’t be talking Nobody was talking to you so keep your mouth shut. And i never said that other companies don’t do the same thing. Your putting words in my mouth just stop talking your wrong. x52 I have never talked to you on this forum. How am i always like “that”? You joined 6 months ago come here and start acting like you know all the answers and you don’t. And saying that the camera is wrong is a joke… right? I already went through this maybe you should read again.



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Okay i see no point in this arrgument but…

Yoyofactory makes a great yoyo then they tweek it and make it better,add stacks,bigger smaller the whole 9 yards.But they play extremely different.Use CLYW as example,Most of there yoyos are way similar in look but they play way different.All yoyos are similar in some aspect.I dont see why everyone is yelling at yoyoadictt96 or well diasagreeing when half of what we are saying is OPINION.I think the guy who started this thread got his answer and now we should just let it die.


Thanks brosif (Q)


I’ve personally just stopped caring about this. Most of this is just pointless whining. I have a standpoint on this, something I probably won’t share because of my own reasons. Reasons that this thread is a great example of. I suggest that everyone else stop caring about this, YYF can do what they want unless USA has some competition surveillance team (which I doubt you guys do).

Some do look alike (2010 cali and Dv888)
but the way they play is waaaayyy different