flying squirrel or fast 201?


i will be getting one of these soon, which one would you recommend?


I’d say neither. Get a ONE or a WHIP instead. Well, maybe not. The higher weights of your choices might be better for longer spin times.

Go with the Flying Squirrel. It comes with a counterweight so I guess they expect you to try 5A with it. I’m sure you can replace the friction stickers with silicone stickers too. Clean your bearing really good and that should help. Maybe run it dry too.

The Fast201 is adjustable gap I think.

Why not just get a full unresponsive yoyo instead? What’s your skill level at?


The gap in the 201 is fixed, but the starburst is adjustable: you can make the starburst protrude more or less into the gap.

I’d recommend the Squirrel because I don’t like starburst response in string-trick yoyos. However, the friction stickers are going to wear down and soon the yoyo will feel “slippy.” Another yo-yo you might want to look into is the Duncan Dragonfly; the cork pads last a looong time, and sit flush with the yoyo wall.

But, out of the two you mentioned, I’d go with the Flying Squirrel.


I’m not a big fan of the Fast 201. Don’t like the starburst at all. So I would go with pretty much anything besides the Fast 201. But for the same $, I would get a ONE over either of those.


I knew something was adjustable in the Fast 201. I just really am not a fan of “adjustable”, mostly because I know myself and I’d be constantly tweaking it.

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From what I see, you seem to be starting out. In that case, I would recommend the YoyoJam Prelude. Or if you prefer a smaller yo-yo, get the One, as the rest have recommended.


I’ve never played the fast201 but I silicone recessed my flying squirrel and put some wider spacers in it and love it. For unresponsive play there are way better choices though.


i think maybe you should look at some yoyo jam plastics… they play very well and are about 15 bucks

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I’m assuming you have access to both yoyos since your inquiry is so specific.

Fast 201:
Pros- Adjustable resoponse
cons- noisy, noisier than a leer jet landing in your living room (not really but close), response system can eat up strings quickly when new. It can be snaggy so multiple string layers take some finesse.

Pros: Easy to disassemble and play with the weight. 4 large ball bearings are located inside and they can be removed if you want a lighter yoyo. Small size is good for chopsticks.

cons: Duncan friction stickers wear out super quickly.

Summary: You can learn a great deal on either one but you will need to buy extra string, a lot of extra string if you choose the fast, and friction stickers if you go with the squirrel.

Personally, of the two, I would go with the squirrel. I say this because I no longer have a 201 and I still have a squirrel. I guess that means I like it more. My squirrel has different stickers in it as I don’t care for the duncan stickers.


If you want the Fast 201 less responsive and try to open the gap up too much, it may fly apart when you throw it, sending one half hurtling across the room, bouncing off of family members and breakable things and the other half dangling stupidly at the end of the string.

Don’t ask me how I know this.

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I had a flying squirrel. I bought it to start out yoyoing. I didn’t like it at all. Get a YYF One with the SPEC bearing, you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck TRUST me!

It got me from basics to some advanced tricks like matrix and plastic whip. You’ll be able to perform all beginner to intermediate tricks. The only problem is the weight will make it hard for it to spin longer and do more advanced tricks.

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I’d agree with this, however if the op must choose betweent he fast 201 and squirrel I still suggest squirrel.


I agree with this too, but I restricted myself to what the OP was inquring about.