My 11 y/o wants a decent yoyo. She is a beginner but we want something with sleep time for learning tricks, so a standard toy store yoyo is out. She was looking at the Velocity from Yoyo Factory that has a setting to go from pro to easy. Is this a decent yoyo? We are looking at a $15 budget.

From what I read, it looks like a ball bearing yoyo will be a good choice. Of course asthetics is important, so something like the Duncan bumlebee is out.

Thank you!!

May I recommend either a Speedaholic or YYJ Classic. These are cheap, nice looking, and work well for plastics.

velocity is a pretty good yoyo, it does switch over easily which is very nice for beginners, the classic and speedoholic are also great options, I prefer the speedoholic.

Yoyojam classic.
It has a ball bearing. It comes responsive out of the box. That means when you throw it down it will come back up when you tug on it. And it’s in your price range.

Also idk if she likes pink but they still have the breast cancer awareness editions which are all pink and it comes with a larger bearing for when she gets into more advanced tricks and wants the yoyo less responsive.

+1 also if she wants to go unresponsive eventually be sure to but extra string and a wide bearing along with some new response pads. I believe YYE has a YYJ classic unresponsive  kit that you can buy along with it for when the time comes.

Thank you for your recommendations.

Abby1371 - I have no idea what you are talking about besides buy extra string. :wink:

Please try to stick with responsive yoyos

Unresponsive yoyos require a trick called the bind to bring the yoyo back to your hand and adds an extra level of difficulty for some people. The classic is my favorite beginner throw since it comes stock responsive while still having a current design. It’s very durable and when ready you can upgrade it to be unresponsive.

Just get a Velocity. You can buy it at TRU. And it’s cheap.

No better deal

Velocity is great. The classic is good too but I preferred the Velocity since it is so easy to go unresponsive.

Velocities are great!

Here’s a reliable review of the velocity if it helps.

I think that the velocity would be a better choice than the classic for a beginner because the turn dial changes it from responsive to unresponsive.
If you want the classic to be unresponsive down the road you will have to change the response pads and bearings to the ones seen here.

I would say a yomega hyper warp heavy wing its great

I would suggest a Yoyojam Classic. I have owned many of them and they can take you from beginner all the way up (with a replacement size C bearing).