We aren't fooling around.

Titanium fresh off the press here at One Drop, no unboxing needed.


SWEET!!! Hows it play Paul?
Lovin the shape… Already looking like I need to set aside $$$ :-X

DANG that looks really good… i wishi had the money for one.

So much titanium, so little money…

looks like a valor minus the grooves… I like, I like a lot.

For the record, we don’t have a press. We have a lathe. You’d think PaulDang would know that.


Uhmmm you can mail me mine right now please…

Dang she looks larger than I was expecting! Really awesome lookin fellas!

Doesn’t seem like YYF can claim making the first full sized competition ready Ti anymore.

Y’all ever turn anything out on the old mill you guys used to use?

Titanium is looking awesome, I’m definitely gonna need one.

from my screen the bearing measured <11mm and the yoyo>48mm. so we’r looking at at least 55mm in person

Ahh! There are now 2 titaniums screaming for my money! Man the temptation is real.

Paul… Shaun… What are you doing to me man…? I’m trying to be thrifty over here… :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks great!

At first glance I thought it was a yyf supernova. Looks great.

WHY!!!??? Somebody give me some money because there is just too much to buy:

Any new CLYWs
YYF Aluminum

I don’t like to say one yoyo looks like another because designs are limited. But this is the first thing I thought too. How about some slight adjustments and make it look like a Burnside? :wink:

It does look similar to the SuperNova but I find it a little bit “narrower” and shinier. Looks like a beast of a yoyo to me and that’s all that matters.

I think i should get some credit for this seeing as how i’ve complained about the lack of Ti yoyos and the abundance boring yoyo designs for a while now. :wink: Please be under 66g…

It is.



Ugh… 2hype4me. This thing looks amazing, seriously wow. If you need any opinions from a mediocre player you can send one my way any time you like :wink: