We aren't fooling around.

The nathan influence is rel

plz request under $50

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Since the Valor is one of the OD yoyos I can never get enough of, I’m cool that its profile is similar to a Valor without the aesthetic rings.

Mind you, a tweaked Ti Valor even in name would be awesome, too. :smiley: Except I can’t for the life of me think of a clever Ti-related name that riffs off the Valor. TiVal? Tilor? ValTi? All horrible horrible names.

Looking fantastic, guys. Please delay it for a while so that I can get my finances in order…

my bank account is scared right now

What is the projected release date ?

My money is literally onedropping out of my wallet

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Side Effects?

Will it come in brown?


I was thinking about the new YYF titanium, but I think my money’s going to go to one of these instead. The profile looks amazing, like a thinner Summit. Plus, under 66g. Hopefully you guys will make a bunch!

Really sharp looking yo-yo but I wonder if one drop is able to compete with YYF with regards to price although they don’t really need to.

greg try Ti Valithor

This is a good point, we don’t have a name, or a cup shot yet. Oh the suspense!

I have to admit, it’s a pretty awesome time to be a yoyoer/yoyo buyer right now. I didn’t think I’d see the day any time soon when YYF and Onedrop would both be dropping full sized Titaniums and bi-metals upon us… and yet here we are. Feels good mayne. ;D

I think what we really need now is a classic “Paul Dang throwing a sick chopstick combo filmed in the Onedrop shop to the ambient sounds of the machining going on around him” teaser video… hint hint. :wink:

It looks like One Drop will be getting my Titanium Money after I take the Mortgage out on it. :wink: ;D

YYF is in, One Drop is in…Where is Old Man Duncan? Late to the Market, again. *Tsk, Tsk

Tylor series

Please please please give it a cool name, not a clever punny name.

For reference:
Sovereign = 8)
Tiwalker = ::slight_smile:


I’ve only seen this shot and maybe there are others, but does this new OD Ti use Side Effects? Either way it looks great, and it’s awesome to see both the new Ti’s from OD and YYF.

Then again the yyf Ti is gonna be $300. I hope One Drop will make this a bit more wallet friendly. PLEASE MAKE IT UNDER $200 (Although it’s a lot to ask for)

I don’t think you realize how expensive it is to buy and machine titanium… I don’t think I realize either, but I think there’s a reason we don’t see titanium’s that cheap.

Prices for bar stock from the first website Google listed, not saying this is what OD pays, but it will let you know this is not going to be under $200.

Eight feet of Grade 2 bar stock at 57mm is $2,480.
Eight feet of 7075 at 57mm is $254.
Eight feet of 6061 at 57mm is $202.

I gotta say this looks waaay better than YYFs. This is where my money is going, regardless of how much less the YYf costs.

(You also didn’t ask us to front you the money. Which is awesome.)


Definitely looks good… are you able to share dimensions/specs soon?