YoyoFactory's Dream Titanium Released July 17th!

So, YoyoFactory is planning to make a full-sized titanium. They are in the process of raising money, and I’m in! My dreams have come true. What do you think?

Excerpt and photos from contribution page:

"As drawn, its 65.75gm 56mm in diameter, 43mm wide. In production there might be some minor changes but we will report everything here and to our supporters. The theory with the design is to take advantage of the properties of titanium as a material to deliver maximum performance. Titanium can be machined THIN because it is STRONG so we did that, allowing us to load up the rims. INERTIA in the rims delivers long stable spins. This will have MORE.

The hardware (other bits in the yoyo) is all standard issue. We will ship with probably a nice CTX bearing, standard CBC large bearing pads, stainless steel axle. While a titanium axle would be nice and are readily available it may bond to the body, so dis-similar metals are needed."

  • I would love to link to the contribution page, but it does not seem to be within the forum rules. :wink:
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Ooooohhh, that looks nice. Wish I had more cash :stuck_out_tongue:

On the contribution page, I saw serial number 1 was taken, I immediately thought “Total Artist”

I’m trying to decide now between a Ricochet and this nee Ti throw, talk aiut a first world problem ;D


I cant find this anywhere

Looks great. Always wanted to try a ti throw.

My only issue is that it seem like the string will rub against the sides alot with a gap like that. Just my opinion though, looks really nice overall.

I wish I got there in time. It was already taken. :frowning: I think it was up for a few hours before I got a nice PM from Dragonegs. :wink:

no curves

I hate whoever took the last b-grade genesis jk. That thing is like a unicorn to me

Ugh. I should have filed my taxes sooner… Looks like I may be eating ramen noodles until my refund comes in, haha.

I’ll eat Ramen noodles any day. :smiley:

I was that way, then college happened and I burnt myself out, haha.

I’m confused.

They are raising money?

So like a presale?

It’s a bit like a “KickStarter” project. They are raising funds for the production of the first 100.

This should be a very nice addition to the Titanium YoYo’s available. It’s full sized and weighted.
I could not sign up fast enough… :wink:

It looks nice, I imagine YYF will probably put all the bells and whistles on this one too.

Gotcha. I’m pretty familiar with the Kickstarter model.
I’ve run a couple of successful campaigns myself.

Guess I thought they were a large company, so the fundraising surprised me.

Pre-sales makes more sense.
They’ll likely need $10-15k just to buy the titanium and tools for 100pcs.

I made a few Titanium YoYos myself this week, so I can vouch for it being an expensive endeavor.

Found it.

Looks like a good deal.

I’m in!

Thanks for the tip, TA. I’m looking forward to a Ti throw this summer.

Yeah, we have been ti-dry for about a year now. I got the Dazzler at the very end of 2013, and then nothing. So, this will be a real treat, for sure. The Ricochet is my favorite of all my titanium. I always thought, what if YoyoFactory made a full sized titanium? :-\ So, this is a dream come true! I know they will meet the goal, and we will get to see it come to fruition. :wink:

Can you please give a slightly expanded explanation on what you see that would make it seem the string will rub against the sides with a ‘gap like that’?

… First of all, the low walls and the smooth transition from ‘verticals walls to V’ indicate by design minimal string to sides contact. Also in the YYF pending product description; YYF stated that the Ti-Yoyo would ship with a CTX.

No doubt, your opinion is something you are free to voice.

But the primary issue here, may be nothing more than you lack of experience with Yoyo design performance parameters or simply your inability to understand what you see.

What I see is no design generated issue

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