(Signed ) Titanium Shutter @WYYC2K16!!!!!!!!

Hi! This is my first thread on the YYE forums! At the 2nd day of the WYYC I picked up my mystery box. I was pleasantly surprised to see a titanium shutter within! I was thinking about selling it, considering on indiegogo people got it for $300, I could get some really nice yoyos! If I do, what would something like that sell for? Or, since it is pretty rare, should I keep it as a souvenir? Here are some photos:

See later post for signed images.

CONGRATULATIONS! That is awesome! Super jealous right now :wink:

It depends I guess.

-do you enjoy collecting?
-will you use it?
-would you rather sell it and buy a few cheap yoyos or save the money for something else?

I personally would keep it. I have wanted to get a titanium yoyo, I would absolutely play it with no worries of dining it (loving them battle scars), and it was a cool experience to be one of the two people to get one!

You gotta at least try it :wink: Considering you only posted in-box pictures I assume you haven’t even opened to look at it in its entirety yet.

Probably gift it to me?

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First of all welcome to the forums! I’m really glad that the person who won that is kind enough to post it and really appreciate how lucky they were! I’m sure you could sell it for a pretty penny but you could also throw and enjoy it. If you do look to sell it I suggest considering trading it for some throws that you may have been wanting for a really long time. You could probably trade it for a draupnir and another 100+ yoyo or something along those lines. Either way regardless of what you decide to do congradulations!!

you really think I could get a draupnir and a hundred+ yoyo? :o What about a JPX as a hundred- yoyo? Also, I am an intermediate player which doesn’t think I need those just yet haha. I guess I could save me forwhen I get better. Also, thanks for the welcome!


that’s super cool! I would keep it!

First, welcome, and congrats on the Titanium Shutter!

Now, I think a Draupnir plus another $100+ yo-yo is probably a bit high of an estimate. The titanium dream had a similar indiegogo campaign and similar pricing, and while it retails for $300, it’s hard to get $200 out of one on the BST; I’m guessing the Shutter will be similar.

With that being said, somebody might go for a similar deal seeing as it’s one of the first titanium shutters out there, and I’m sure there is a lot of trading going on at the contest right now. So if you really want to maximize the trade/sale value, flip it right now while you’re at the contest.

But, if I were you, I’d keep it, throw it, and enjoy the heck out of it. It’s likely a great throw, and you got it essentially for free; therefore, if you ever do decide to sell or trade it, you’re still money ahead even if you only ever get $200 or less for it.

Last thing, good luck on finding a JPX if you do decide to trade it; plenty of people have searched long and hard for them with no luck.

But mostly, congrats and welcome!

Haha. I thought so. I was genuinely surprised when someone said I could get that much from this yoyo.


Nice man! I saw those on the table but only got some strings. Congrats! If you see me ( dreadlocks and ultra wide JNCOs) come say hi!!

Keep it! You’ll always have a really nice Yoyo that you didn’t have to pay for (sort of).

If you are considering selling it you’ll probably get the most money for it while you’re at worlds and it is still unreleased.

That being said, just make sure you’re content with parting with it because I don’t like hearing stories of regretting a sale that has been made. (Everybody has one)

Also, Congrats on the score!

I have one too. If you had some feedback, I’d buy that one off you and make twins :D. It plays so good, that I’m looking to get a second one soon. If I were you, I’d keep it. It’s an amazing player, I absolutely love it. I think it’s even better than aluminum Shutter. Mine is super smooth too.

You shouldn’t keep it as a Souvenir. You should keep it as a player. It is an excellent Yoyo.

It is a Yoyo that you probably would never buy just because of the price point. Yet you were lucky enough to get is for almost nothing👍

That is one of the Best ways to get a higher priced Yoyo… For Peanuts.

Other than running it over with a truck; you have a Yoyo that will last a life time.

And if people come at you with ‘deals’; they are just noting you must have something good because they ‘want it’.

…Don’t get this mind-set that you are somehow losing money if you keep it. You are not losing money because you have little invested in it in the first place.

Have fun with your good fortune. Throw it. Don’t throw it away.


JPX are no longer being made.How about Clyw Manatee?

I am gonna be here today (Friday) wanna meet up? Send me a message.

Cool. I call it a souvenir though because I don’t believe I can use it to its full potential, seeing as I am not exactly the best player, more of a intermediate player. Plus, I wouldn’t be able to face the unbearable depression if I dinged that thing, so I thought I might just give it to someone who can fully use it.

Did you get yours from the box? I heard there was also one in the yoyo factory single mystery boxes.

Don’t worry about not being able to use it to its full potential. I’d consider myself only an intermediate player and 4 of the 7 yoyos in my collection right now are titanium. And you really shouldn’t worry about dinging it; unless you’re throwing over concrete or some other equivalently rough/hard surface, a titanium throw is more likely to damage whatever it hits rather than be damaged; even then, concrete won’t hurt it all that much unless you seriously slam it. So, use it to your own full potential; throw it hard, throw it everywhere, and use it to bring yourself up to par with its capabilities!