(Signed ) Titanium Shutter @WYYC2K16!!!!!!!!

Use that yoyo to it’s fullest! Walk the dog with that sucker. Enjoy it. :slight_smile:

It’s not gonna break.

OMG I got Gentry to sign my Ti Shutter and he said this was the first Ti Shutter! :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

Spark that sucker up, I say! :stuck_out_tongue:

You HAVE to at least try it. If you don’t like it, then you could trade it. You’re in the perfect place to try it against other high end yoyos. Though, I think you said you were leaving today?

If I had to get rid of all the yoyos I’m not able to use to their full potential, I probably wouldn’t have any yoyos. Or maybe I’d still have all of them, because maybe having fun is the definition of using a yoyo to it’s full potential!?

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I am actually staying till the finals :P. Also, won’t sparking it damage it?

Signed photo:

It’ll just scratch a tiny bit.

That is just icing on the cake. Enjoy the Ti Shutter. Like many have said, Ti is tough, sparking will scratch the rims a bit, but, likely the yoyo will still play smooth. Don’t baby it, don’t abuse it, do play it!

Keep it.

You’ll be really happy you kept it a few years later down the road… It would be a mistake to sell it for a draupnir.
You will have a hard time putting a serious ding in titanium.

you and me both…

I may be able to keep a dollar tree yoyo… Maybe

Probably not… My fixed axel skills aren’t very good…

I would keep it, you’ll never regret not selling it, but you may regret selling it sometime down the road. And how cool of a memory and story piece would this yoyo be? You get to tell people you attended the World Yoyo Contest, and got a great yoyo out of it too! Don’t baby it, don’t thrash it around either. Everyone here is saying spark it, but that is 100% your choice. If you don’t want to damage it, then that is by all means your desire and no one will look down on you for that!

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Oh god. I just had a heart attack. Graeme Steller just announced that they found a missing Ti yoyo… I instantly checked my bag and it was still there. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was just teasing a bit. The only ti yoyo I have, I got in a trade. It has already been sparked, and I can’t even bring myself to try it on that one!

I have a Ricochet I got for a fantastic price - it was sparked and had the ano polished off. I’m happy to occasionally spark it, but, it took me quite some time to get to that happy place.

At NH states last year, Paul Dang sparked his ciTizen to the delight of many. Not surprisingly, it still played smooth as silk.

I am trapped at WYYC16. Wow thanks, Delta

Are you still stuck? how long did you have to wait if not?