Titanium shutter!

Check this out!

What do you guys think?

I hope it isn’t heavy.

Looks cool.


I shudder to think😳
I bet it plays very well…

Or you would prolly see a pic of it.

The Shutter is really a nice playing yoyo and an excellent price point.

No doubt a Ti Shutter would cost much more.

But if it plays even better and has that Ti durability and the Ti ‘sound’;
That would be a most excellent thing.:nerd_face:

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Calling it now (since we don’t have enough Titanium puns) - the Shu-Ti. Price-wise, the kickstarter for it is at $220, and they say it’s 30% lower than what retail price will be - so guessing retail will actually be around $300+.

I have to agree, the Shutter is a fun yoyo (well, when isn’t a yoyo fun?), and one of those that is versatile. The Shu-Ta is also another good one, giving the Shutter profile a bit more rim weight.

It’s tempting to get one of these as much as I’m now setting money aside for an end of summer trip to SoCal (Knott’s and Disney - my home away from home). I know at this price point it’s a steal (looking back at the Ti Dream crowd funding, it was $100 less, I had kicked myself for not joining the kickstarter…I mean Indigogo - ended up eventually getting a Ti Dream off the BST).

I wouldn’t buy a titanium Shutter.

What would be the point when I can buy a Shutter for $45 which already performs perfectly well?

Ok, so durability maybe? In which case I could just purchase 3 Shutters for far less and I would be set for life.

Goes for any titanium, not necessary, but never a bad choice.

Titanium yoyos are always… ALWAYS a luxury item, never a “need to have”.

In the world of Titaniums, I think this Shutter looks like a winner. The design is already proven in the AL world. The difference between the AL Dream and Ti Dream (even though in that case, the Ti came first) is NOT enormous (note to readers: don’t sleep on that AL Dream! It’s great!)… but it’s noticeable. A Ti-optimized version of the Shutter is going to be a great-playing yoyo.

I think it would be much better if it play differently, or maybe slightly different.
I mean, people are already comfortable with the shape, if YYF tweak the playability, that would be someting to appeal the crowd.

I bought in already. If you’d like a Ti Shutter, it’s part of a new YoyoFactory Indiegogo campaign, so hop to it. I bought into the last campaign, so I got the special $200 price. And, if you also bought into the last Dream campaign, you need to check your email for a few additional bucks off. Word to the Shutter! 8)

As for what’s the point, I guess there is no point if you’re not interested in a titanium yo-yo. :-\

I’m interested in the durability, the collectibility, and the ability to compare it to the aluminum version. I’m certain it will have at least a slightly different feel. Why have a Shutter collection and a titanium collection, and not buy a titanium Shutter? :o I can only take advantage of all that if I buy in, so it was well worth it to me. When it’s a YoyoFactory and a Shutter, it just bumps it up to priority status. Another benefit is that you can get a full sized titanium yo-yo for only $200 right now. If you love Shutter, one of the most popular yo-yos in it’s price range, why not have a titanium version too? If you’ve been waiting to buy a titanium yo-yo, because you’re not sure if you’ll like the way it plays, at least this time you have somewhat of an idea before you buy it. Almost everyone has thrown a Shutter.

It’s as simple as this, if you want a full sized titanium yo-yo, that is limited and collectible, for only about $200, and you know you like Shutter play characteristics, this is the time to bust your move. :wink:

Based on your inability and/or unwillingness to rationalize any possible reason to buy a Titanium Shutter; you have made the correct decision.

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It’s within a gram of a standard Shutter👍


I still don’t have the original shutter… lol

Me either!

I can justify this one easily.

I buy just about all the Ti yo-yo’s that come out. One thing that has begun to happen is that the play-characteristics of these yo-yo’s has begun to converge.

Because Titanium is so expensive to make yo-yo’s with, manufacturers are not as inclined to experiment with shapes, sizes and features. This means that they tend to focus on designs and characteristics that are generally favored by the market.

This is good in that Titanium yo-yos tend to have what we would call “competition” play character. Terrific spin, stability, maneuverability, etc. What is bad (for people who buy lots of these - like me; …yeah I know cry me a river) is that these all tend to play the same over time. I just purchased a Vosun Ti-me; which is a great yo-yo by any measure. But after the plethora of Ti- throws in the last year, I have two or three that play very much like it already in my bag.

The Ti-Shutter, however, has a very different shape, weight distribution and overall design than most Ti-throws currently available. For that reason alone, I can justify the purchase. Because it is Ti and it is YoyoFactory - you can almost be guaranteed that it will be an amazing player; if not rare.

I am already looking forward to getting it in the mail. Thanks YoyoFactory.

Never liked the shutter, so this doesn’t excite me at all

That is interesting to me. I’ve fallen in, then out of love with the Shutter. Now I consider it an essential all around throw. What do you prefer as a throw and how is it different from the Shutter (I’m really asking).

I prefer midsize or undersized, and sub 64 grams. Obviously there are exceptions, such as the KLR, but those are few and far between. The shutter felt too wide, and a bit clunky, and was therefor not my cup of tea. Nothing against the shutter, it just didn’t suit me.

It’s the ShutTir. Heh.

Not excited either.

I’ve always felt like YYF have never really understood how to use different materials and their specificities. That’s why most of their bi-metal and all their Ti designs are good but far from outstanding.

I will differ. The Ti Dream is one of the best performing yoyos I’ve ever played, using the benefits of titanium to their fullest capacity without going to the extremes (or price) of the Luftverk Fulvia. Although in the titanium category I prefer Luftverk’s Evora overall (not being someone who is only about performance), the Dream is much more suited to the thing we call “competition style” play.

The fact that the AL Dream gets pretty close is a tribute to the AL Dream, not a negative against the Ti Dream. And because it only comes close (in terms of pure performance, of course… there are those who prefer the AL Dream) but doesn’t quite get there, I would say that there is evidence that YYF knew how to use the difference in material!

So, I would definitely categorize the Ti Dream as “outstanding”, and I know others who feel the same way. You’re definitely entitled to a differing opinion, but I wanted to go on record saying that it’s not necessarily shared by all.